Caring for Your Saddle Pad/Warranty

Your horse will appreciate a clean pad. Make use of these handy cleaning tips.

Western Saddle Pads:

The Suede or Suede/Felt SaddleRight pad was designed to be used with or without a sweat pad. We recommend using our 100% Pressed Wool Felt liner pad or a good THIN Navajo blanket. Always turn pad upside down to dry after each use.

Cleaning Steps:

  • At least once per/month, brush suede cover and felt underside with a good stiff brush (preferably not a wire brush) and vacuum surface well.
  • You may use saddle soap and water after brushing and vacuuming for a deeper clean.
  • For very dirty pads or significant amounts of tougher dried sweat stains a conventional power washing nozzle may be used followed by saddle soap and water. 
  • Line dry with the pad upside down until thoroughly dry before reuse. Depending on your climate, this may take between 1-3 days.

English/Dressage Pads:

Glove leather pads are designed to be used with a cotton show pad or fleece cover to help keep them clean.

Cleaning Steps:

  • Glove leather pads are designed to be cleaned similarly to any quality leather tack. Use a good quality leather cleaner and/or oil for long term preservation. Do not use a cleaner containing wax.
  • Suede leather pads can be cleaned the same as Western pads as detailed above.
  • For very dirty pads or significant amounts of tougher dried sweat stains a conventional power washing nozzle may be used followed by saddle soap and water.

100% Pressed Wool Felt Liner Pads & Wool Blankets:

Cleaning Steps:

  • Wash by HAND in COLD water with a non-bleach soap/cleaner. Line dry. Normal shrinkage of up to 1” after the initial washing is normal.
  • A front load washer (without agitator) may be used on the Delicate setting. DO NOT put in dryer – hang dry as detailed above.

SaddleRight Lifetime Guarantee

We are the only manufacturer to offer a lifetime warranty against core compression. The outer covering of all SaddleRight pads is your first assurance of quality. We hand select only the finest quality leathers, 100% wool materials and other fine quality materials for every pad we manufacture. These materials not only add beauty, but are necessary for the function of your pad.
When our unique orthopedic material is securely encased in our original cover (leather or wool), we guarantee that it will not compress or deform in any way for life.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

30 Day unconditional money back guarantee. Upon receipt of your originally purchased pad, we will refund your saddle pad purchase price less a $30 restocking fee. Excluding custom embroidered pads.

1 Year Workmanship Warranty

1 year for workmanship on the covering. All return shipping charges will be paid by SaddleRight.

Trade Back Program

Our Trade Back Program offers an opportunity to always have the perfect pad – whether it is time for a new look or just time for a new pad.  Simply choose the style/color and other options of your new pad and pay 50% of the current retail price plus shipping.  Next, we will ship your new pad and when it arrives, just send your old pad back to us in the box provided.  Apply the prepaid return tag located in the box.  $60 return shipping is at the customer's expense.  Any SaddleRight pad, regardless of age or condition is eligible for the trade back program.  (This excludes pads that have been altered after its original sale or have custom embroidered.)  One pad only per trade transaction.  It’s that easy – really! 

Click here to download our cleaning instructions.