Suede Leather

English Suede Pad       $300

Economical pad offered in lots of great suede colors! Suede cover with a wool felt underside. Great training pad, or trail pad but with a fun color twist. Fits Hunter, Jumper, or Dressage saddles.

Comes standard in a 17-17.5 seat and 190lb rider.

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Product Features

SKU: 18

Orthopedic Saddle Pads for Horses

• Constructed using specialized core material with proven orthopedic value

• Core material is guaranteed never to compress, deform or degrade

• WE DO NOT use memory foam, gel foam, air bladders — all of which significantly increase pressure points on the horse

• Unique core material moves and recoils with the movement of the horse

• Options to fit any size saddle including English and Western Styles

100% Lifetime Guarantee*

Finest Quality Glove and suede leathers used for durability and visual appealing quality

100% Pressed Wool Felt for optimal moisture wicking and temperature control

100% Handmade in the USA for over 30 years!

Suede Leather in Black - $300.00
Suede Leather in Black - $300.00
Seat Size 21 in., 17" to 17.5" (Riders up to 190 lbs.) - $300.00
Seat Size 22 in., 18" to 18.5" (Riders up to 190 lbs.) - $320.00
Seat Size 23 in., 19" to 19.5" (Riders up to $190 lbs.) - $320.00
1/2 inch core material (Riders from 191-300 lbs) - +$20