Pecos Winters

“I use my SaddleRight saddle pad on a daily basis. It stays where I put it and doesn’t move, sits my horses well and allows their shoulders to move more freely. It’s a great combination of style in the arena yet holds up to the hard work of picking up broncs, dragging bulls at rodeos the everyday cowboy work that I do. In my opinion it’s the best pad going for nearly any job an equestrian could do."
Pecos Winters
PRCA Pickup Man

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I’m Pecos Winters from Texline, TX. Growing up I always knew I wanted to cowboy and rodeo for a living. We had a rodeo company that my family started the year I was born, so there was never a time I remember not being around rodeo. I first started picking up broncs when I was 11 years old, then picked up for my dad for four years until we sold out in 2010. I kind of put picking up on the back burner at this time, focusing more on roping until in 2016, I finally got my chance to start picking up again at rodeos. Since that year, I’ve just went up and done more every year. Last year, I bought my pro card, which allowed me to work bigger rodeos with more exposure. I moved to South Dakota, where I was blessed with getting voted to pickup the Minnesota Rodeo Association Finals. I’m hoping this year is even better than years past, getting more rodeos and hopefully getting to go back to the finals again.

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