We put a lot of care and love into crafting our unique orthopedic saddle pads and have heard from thousands of our satisfied customers over the last 34 years, here are a few of our customers comments about their experience with our pads.  We’d love to add your name to the list.

All the best!

Dale A. Stork

Just a short note to let you folks know you saved one of my penning horses. He had developed a pull back problem  while being saddled. It was really getting old, putting up with this nonsense. After trying thick, thin, and everything in between pads, I bought one of yours. WOW, what a difference! Each time I saddled him up with the SaddleRight pad he had less and less anxiety. After about 8 saddlings, he doesn't even move and his performance is better also. We also put the pad on my wife's penner and he performed better. We could really tell on him, because we had to ride him in a penning with out the pad. We are now waiting for the second pad for her horse to arrive. Thanks again from myself, my wife, and OUR HORSES.

Kelli Boer-Shryock

I was first introduced to this pad some 30 years ago at the Badlands Circuit Finals.  I as lucky enough to win a certificate for most of one.  I now own four of them.  I have used them extensively for about 30 years as our interests have changed from barrel racing. team penning, endurance, packing, and the last ten years mounted shooting, in which my mounts Frosty and Jewel have won me numerous world championships.  I have truly tested them out and never had a sore horse.  There's no better pad!

Kelli Boer Shryock 670x460

Gene Ann Dreyer

Yes, feel free to use my Saddleright brag. They are absolutely the best saddle pads I’ve ever used. I don’t want any pressure on the wither area, and it’s so important to have the saddle and rider weight distribution done correctly the way the Saddleright pad is designed to do. The pad on White Collar Corona is the old style, which is great. I’m planning to add one of the new styles soon. Thank you for a really great product with so much research behind it.

Gene Ann Dreyer test

Mahala Henry

I am a firm believer in a good pad. When my gelding kept getting a back sore, I went in search of a quality pad. I bought an expensive “orthopedic “pad and actually made him sorer. Again, I went in a search. Mind you it was 1998 or 1999, so there wasn’t a lot of info. I found SaddleRight by chance, but was having a hard time financially to spend that much for a pad. My mom floated me a loan. I bought the barrel saddle cut pad with felt outer shell. My boy started running his little heart out. We were a local 1D and at big shows he was 2D/3D. I won a lot of money and buckles on him. The rest is history. I have since sold that pad, but it is still being used. I now have four, mom have three, and my daughter-in-law has two. Even when someone else rides my horses the pad goes on them. Mom’s horse was a Peruvian Paso and he was built different then our quarter horses. Her saddle never slipped or made him sore. After one run she come out of the arena and her cinch was so loose you could see daylight. I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

Mahala Henry 670x460

Kayla Walkoviak

I just wanted to say that I love my SaddleRight pads.  They keep my horse comfortable on our several mile trail rides.  We can cover some ground!  Plus, I just love the simple, no bulk design.  They wear like leather and the color options are endless!  Some saddle pads have come and gone, but SaddleRight has remained a constant in my tack room.

Kayla Walkoviak 3 460x670

Miranda Davis

I would just like to say how much I LOVE my SaddleRight pad! One of my barrel horses is extremely wide and mutton withered. Even though she was specially fitted for a saddle, the saddle still seemed to roll  with other pads. I tried literally everything! I was about to give in and just ride in a saddle that rolled, until one of my friends suggested a SaddleRight! With this pad my saddle no longer rolls, and my horse feels amazing! Not to mention the color options are beautiful, the customer service is amazing, and the pad was to my door in a little over a week! I couldn’t be more happy with my purchase!

Miranda Davis 460x670


Look who's new pad just came in from SaddleRight.  This company continues to impress me.  I custom ordered this pad less than a week ago and it's already HERE!  Maroon on Possum is going to look awesome!  It never gets old riding with a SaddleRight pad!  Thanks for the excellent service and product that you can trust to keep your horses' backs sound!

Alyssa Plackemeier Litwin 460x670

Lyndsay Kubas

Thanks so much for reaching out on my Instagram page, I’m such a huge fan of your saddle pads!

I have a well made, good fitting saddle, but I was having some trouble with my saddle shifting during a barrel run and always thought that my felt pad created too much space between my horse and I. I wanted closer contact and a lower profile fit for my rig. I’d heard great things about Saddleright pads and decided to give one a try. Since then I’ve never been happier with how freely my horse moves in my saddle or how perfect her sweat marks are since using a Saddleright pad! I get the close contact and feel that I was looking for and my horse looks and feels great. Thank you Saddleright for creating such an incredible product!

Lyndsay Kubas 460x670

Blaire Campbell

Absolutely love your pads, they hold up wonderfully and fit a variety of horses and saddles... I'm really excited to get a new one this year for my young filly I'll be starting. Thanks for making such a terrific product!

Blaire Campbell Compressed

Stormi Henry

I had a horse that was injured and had muscle atrophy in her left shoulder. Due to the muscle atrophy I was having a horrible time getting a saddle to stay in the center of her and therefore my mare was getting sore and I was rolling around on top of her. I researched saddle pads, tried several high dollar pads and even changed saddles. Nothing was helping. I reached out to SaddleRight pads to talk to them about their product, their research and the thought process behind their pads. Never one to blindly buy a pad, I borrowed an English/round cut SaddleRight pad from a friend of mine. After the first use I found that my saddle was no longer sliding around and I was able to sit up and ride my mare. This in turn helped keep my mare from getting sore after every run. I love my pad and am thankful I was able to find something that worked for my mare and for me!

Stormi Henry 1

Maranda Warbelton

Nothing beats the quality of these pads and the comfort it gives my horse.

Maranda W SR testimonial

Shylah Love

I started using SaddleRight over a year ago and they have exceeded my expectations. Not only do they fit all my horses great, but they’re also a game changer for a horse that is hard to fit for a saddle. One of my favorite things about these pads is how well they clean up. Every time I wash them, it’s like I have a brand new pad. I will forever be a SaddleRight user!

Shylah Love

Erica McDonald

I have been on the fence about a SaddleRight pad for two years now! After trying multiple pads of top quality, costing the same amount as a SaddleRight, I was just not happy. I wanted a pad that was small, but still offered the drop far enough on the sides to cover the rigging of my Bob Marshall Barrel saddle. Since I ride in a treeless saddle it is very important that your pad offers spinal clearance. SaddleRight not only offers spinal clearance, but it spreads the weight out evenly over the horses back. It is not bulky, not over weight, and it’s not HUGE either. I have the All Around Barrel model at 28” down the spine with a width of 32” (not the treeless model, because I barrel race so I wanted the smallest pad possible; a close fit all around my saddle) . I LOVE IT! My horse moves so well in the shoulders and hips now, because of the slits this pad has to accommodate those areas. It’s worth every penny. My saddle is a 14.5” Barrel model by Bob Marshall.

Erica McDonald 2 resized

Jenna Raine

I got my first saddle right pad when I was 14. For the past 12 years my first pad had lasted through the test of time. What I love is the fit of these pads, literally feels good on every horse I ride. If your on the fence about trying one just buy it, they are well worth the money because they are a product that will last.

Jenna Raine

Teahna Anderson

My gelding has a shark fin for a wither and I really didn't like any pads I had used on him. I tried a SaddleRight and I knew I HAD to get one. The SaddleRight pad really frees up his shoulders and he use his full stride. I won't use anything else on him.

Teahna Anderson

Annette Garcia-Allen

I have two pads. First one is at least 16 years old. Still in great condition. The top has even been wet due to roof leaking in trailer and still looks and works great. The second pad is 3-4 years old. I have 6 horses. I need a few more. I have had or have every kind of pad and this pad by far is my favorite. It makes the saddle fit better than any of my other expensive pads. It’s my go too. Should of spent the money on this brand instead of others. The others are good but this far outdoes any other brand. 

Ali C.

My story begins about 2 years ago, when I had to retire my gelding and I purchased a new young horse. Roxy was quite hard to fit, and after trying about 4 different treed saddles, I ended up going Treeless with a Tammy Fischer. I tried multiple saddle pads in different brands in different cuts and thicknesses, nothing worked under my new saddle. I was experiencing rolling, as well as the saddle sliding all the way forward onto her neck, at this point I was extremely frustrated. I found Saddleright pads through an online recommendation and reached out to them for some further information and assistance on what I needed to make my saddle work for my horse. Yvonne was extremely helpful and quick with helping to determine what Saddleright pad would work for my horse. I purchased an all black Special Deluxe with the Legacy upgrade in the beginning of 2018. I now do not experience any roll or slip while mounting, riding, or running barrels, nor has my horse ever had a sore back. The pad is also easy to clean and maintain. Thank you Sadderight!

Ali C

Chloe Bruner

I just recently started using SaddleRight saddle pads last year and it already has made a world of difference for my horse and I. Some of my favorite things about the saddle pad are the shock absorption it provides, the wither and lumbar reliefs, the extra padding, the durability, and of course the variety of choices to be sure you get exactly what you need. My horse has experienced back pain due to having high withers and SaddleRight relives any pain or discomfort. I ride everyday and he is now a comfortable, happy horse.

Chloe Bruner

Brenda Hegwood Fox

Love my new SaddleRight pad.  Thanks so much for the fast service.  My saddle no longer feels like its going to roll on this big boy with no withers.

Brenda Hegwood Fox

Sue Steele

Trying to decide which color to wear today!
I love my SaddleRight Pads! I started using them in the late 90’s on my older barrel horse. My chiropractor was glad to see me using this pad because of the protection and fit it provides the horse. So that brings us to 2019 and four horses later and four more happy backs! My first pad was used when I purchased it and was the only pad I had for 7 years because they don’t wear out and I still have it. Since then I have purchased a few used ones and recently took advantage of the SaddleRight buy back program. Thank you SaddleRight for making a outstanding pad!!! No dry spots!

Sue Steele 3

Susan Wingo

Thanks SaddleRight for a great pad! After a week of hard riding topped off with 3 really tough EXCA Obstacle Courses no sore back, stiffness or difficulties. Others noticed and are asking about these great pads.

Susan Wingo

Brenda Rettinger

My whole family loves Saddleright pads for every application where a horse and saddle are combined.  Below is my testimonial, along with some photos.  My daughter, Elli, was the Reserve National Champion Pole Bender at the NJHFR IN 2017 on a Saddleright pad (photo from the shortgo attached, this photo was also on the cover of the High School Rodeo Times last summer).

My name is Brenda Rettinger and I’ve been a fan of Saddleright pads for over 20 years.  I bought my first one used and loved it for its simplicity, shock absorption and durability.  My husband “stole” it one fall to use on his ranch horse for several long days of gathering cows in the rough county of the western North Dakota Badlands.  After three days of 10+hours in the saddle each day, he noticed his ranch horses weren’t flinching when he’d brush their backs to prepare for the next day.  He came home and asked what kind of pad he’d used.  I told him it was a Saddleright.  At the time, we were pretty broke, but he wanted me to order two of them for his ranch horses.  I signed up to be a dealer, and soon he had many of his rancher buddies outfitted with Saddlerights.

As the kids started riding and saddling their own horses, I really appreciated the bilateral design of the pad for new reasons.  There is no trick to providing wither relief, as the design allows no pressure over the withers, under the swells of the saddle.

Our whole family rodeos, rides and ranches with Saddleright pads!  We now have 8 of them, and two are 20+ years old and still as good as new!

We appreciate the long-lasting quality of the Saddleright pads.  So much so, that we did the math on those old pads and figured they had about 3600 days of use so far in their lives.  I don’t know if any other product that carries that type of value for the investment!  Thanks to Dr. Freeman and Janette for a truly superior design!

Brenda Rettinger compressedBrenda Rettinger 3 compressedBrenda Rettinger 4 compressed

Brend Rettinger 2

Rachel Oswald Grace

As of last week (June 8th, 2019) I have been using my same SaddleRight pads for 20 years!  It provides even pressure over my horses back and it stays in place.  I have tried classic equine and pro-choice pads and they packed down and slipped on my horses.  I was lucky to get a season out of them...I have two SaddleRight pads and they are ALL I USE and are still in great shape!

file3 3

The proof is in the SaddleRight pad!

Note from Yvonne South, SaddleRight Sales Manager

The goal for SaddleRight since it’s creation, in 1984 by Dr. Mike Freeman, has been to have our product assist our Equine partners with overall wellness and enhanced performance. Nothing can be better than seeing this happen!
While on my road trip in February, I was asked to take a look at a horse in Arizona. This horse had been dealing with and unexplainable front end lameness, as well as a significant deterioration of his back. I was able to visit with the attending veterinarian while I was at this location.
During my visit with owner, and Veterinarian, we discussed the saddle fit and their current pad use. I found that they were using a pad with a large built-in custom shim to try and alleviate the apparent bridging. It was my honest opinion that after seeing the pad we had found the cause of the back problem. (Shimming inhibits proper muscle function causing muscle atrophy.)
The owner had recently obtained a new saddle, but due to the drop and deterioration of the top line, the fit was still not optimal but much improved.
I put this horse into our Legacy model pad , the new saddle, and sent them out for a little ride. As the exercise progressed, the lameness started to dissipate, and the shoulder movement also became extended and relaxed. He was moving remarkably sound! I asked them to keep him in only that pad for the next 60 days to give the back muscles a chance to recover, repair and rebuild. We all agreed to follow his case and see where the pad would take him. 5 days after the fitting we got to see him return to competition ! It was very exciting! I have since received the following pictures and follow up to share! “Thank You” for putting your trust in our Pad!

K.B. Writes:

“Hi Yvonne! He is doing so well with the SaddleRight pad and the new saddle! His back has gained a significant amount of muscle tone in the last 6 weeks, he feels freer in the shoulders and can really extend, he carries himself in a more rounded frame and he grew a big bootie!! I have been taking pictures every week. Let me compile and label the pics and I will send them to you! I can't thank you enough for your time and helping me to make my horse more comfortable. It has been amazing to watch the transformation in even a short period of time. The vet has already commented on how much of a difference he has seen. I am really excited to see the continued progression. Every week keeps getting better."

Proof is in the pad

Rachel Senechal

Just wanted to send you one of my favorite pics with one of your beautiful pads.

This is Barbie, my 6 year old quarter horse who had a bad tendency of pulling back and rearing when cinched up... In replaceing her pad and girth, we're quickly overcoming the poor habit/reaction.  Thank you for a product that provides both style and functionality.

Rachel Senechal compressed

Clay Reynolds

I love this pad!  I use to saddle as many horses as I had saddles for just so I wouldn't waste time in practice.  Now, I use this one SaddleRight pad on most every horse I ride.  I unsaddle and saddle 4-5 horses just so I ride the SaddleRight!  I love the thin, sleek design that allows it to adjust to any body type horse.  The cowhorses all the way to the rope horses use it.


Clay Reynolds 1

Leigh Ann Jackson

I am a firm believer that the equipment we provide our horses plays a huge role on performance. Using SaddleRight pads makes me confident my horses are feeling the best they can and not getting sore.  Thankfully, I was introduced to them about a year ago and I won't use anything else! I have had years of loss and heartache, seasoning colts, tears, sweat, and now everything seems to be coming together and we are making a come back! Thank you, SaddleRight!

Leigh Ann Jackson

JJ Jeffers

I got my new horse, Diva, about 4 months ago. She is wide with big shoulders and not much wither. My saddle kept shifting when I’d try to make a barrel run on her so I had tried 8 different pads, until I discovered the SaddleRight pad. It was the only pad that kept the saddle from shifting. I found out my saddle in fact was too narrow, so I just got a new saddle made for her. During our 5th time riding in it, the billet strap came unbuckled going around the first barrel. I could feel it shift some, but thought maybe I didn’t get cinch as tight as I needed since the saddle was new. On the way home I could tell it had shifted more but we still made our run. It wasn’t until my boyfriend had a look of terror in his face and he said oh my, look at your cinch. We then realized that it was unbuckle my whole run and you can see how close it was to being completely un-cinched in this picture. Thanks to my SaddleRight for keeping me and my girl safe!

JJ Jeffers

Braelyn Lanti

It is often overlooked the need of an important saddle pad when it comes to any type of riding, but if you really become indulged in the world of saddle fit it’s impressive the amount a saddle pad can change things. Saddle fit and comfort of the horse are two of the valued aspects to what I find can bring any barrel run from okay, to exceptional. That being said I have been on a consistent hunt to what was going to work for my performance horses. I have tried a variety of pads on the endless search to find fit, comfort, something that won’t roll and absorbs shock from a strenuous run. When I came across SaddleRight I was beyond impressed. They improved saddle fit on my difficult to fit mare, offered great wither relief, have incredible shock absorbing materials and didn’t roll! I am also overjoyed with how they hold up and are made with the best quality. SaddleRight has made a huge difference for me and my horses and are the #1 saddle pad I recommend!
Huge thanks to SaddleRight for the amazing saddle pads they make!

Braelyn Lanti 2Braelyn Lanti 3

Braelyn Lanti 1

Sharon Widmer

I am loving my new Saddleright saddle pad. Two different saddles slipped badly on my mare during competition runs, even though I had just firmly tightened the cinch.  She has good withers and a broad back and I was baffled. This slipping problem was new. I hated cutting her in half to keep her saddle in place, but felt like I had to.  A couple of friends recommended the Saddleright pad so I tried one out. Mary Ann Evitt, who is a dealer recommended the Legacy pad. I bought a nice black one and it worked great! My mare no longer lifts a leg when I tighten her cinch and I feel confident my saddle will stay right where it should! I highly recommend this pad for so many reasons that your dealer can explain.

Sharon Widmer

Keltie Brie-Anne Yanosik

I wanted to reach out to say what a wonderful product my SaddleRight pad is.  Purchased for my 3 yr old last fall who was struggling with my previous pad.  Your pad has given her the ability to develop properly and support her back while allowing her to move as I need her to.  Thank you so much.

Keltie Brie Anne Yanosik

Cheyenne N. Corley

SaddleRight is the only pad I will ever use!  For the past 3 years that's the only pad I have continued to love with every different type of saddle and keeps my colts feeling good.  IN LOVE!  Stopped the rolling on my sausage!

Cheyenne Corley SR testimonial 2

cheyenne corley SR testimonial 1

Jennifer Ferrell

I bought this pad used after visiting with Yvonne at the NFR and listening to the many reasons she thought this saddle pad would work with my treeless saddle, along with a lot of research I did and looking through lots of reviews from other users. I am very happy with this saddle pad so far. The fit is great with my treeless saddle and all of the rigging is covered in order to keep my horse from getting rubbed. The spinal clearance is great! The pad is very lightweight and easy to carry around, but definitely doesn’t feel cheap! I see why everyone has rave reviews regarding this product, I highly recommend this saddle pad!

Jennifer Ferrell compressed

Alyssa Litwin

I have been using saddle right pads for 10 plus years now and I can honestly say I have never found a better saddle pad to keep your horse sound in their back! As owner and operator of AR Equine Services and specializing in equine re-alignment therapy I recommend saddle right to all my clients. For a sound back and better performance saddle right is the only pad for me!

alyssa Litwin SR testimonial Compressed

Lacey Shortt

 I have rode with a SaddleRight pad for 15 years. They are by far the best pad out there!  I still have an old SaddleRight pad that I use for everyday use that is 15 years old and still does the job. Thanks SaddleRight for making such a great pad!

Lacey Shortt SR testimonial

Tamara Paasch

Been using these pads for years love them. I even use a custom one in my vehicle for me, which makes a huge difference when driving any length of time.

Tamara Paasch Compressed

Rebecca Wehmueller

This pad is hands down the most amazing pad I’ve ever tried. I’ve been through a lot of pads, from 5 Star to CSI. From now, forward I will only choose SaddleRight! The horse pictured is only going on 4 years old, and was having an unknown shoulder lameness issue, other pads where just too thick, created pressure points, and let the saddle roll and sit down in his shoulders, he’s still growing so it is extremely important to take care of his back now more than ever. The first ride with my SaddleRight, he was immediately more comfortable! Now he doesn’t limp at all, trots bigger, lopes comfortably on both leads, and is all together happier and easier to train. I cannot say enough good about these pads!! My older horse has also benefited from the use of this pad. No saddle slippage, like every other pad created, he’s much more comfortable under saddle, and his back is filling out. We need another 1 or 2 of these pads at the barn to go under every saddle of the horses we ride per day. My boyfriend is really wanting one as well! 

Rebecca Wehmueller Testimonial SR compressed

Deanna Ross

I was first introduced to SaddleRight pads by Angela Harrison of AH Equine Sports Therapy, May 2019, while working with Angela on my 14Y AQHA G who has a poor topline. It's been a continual battle with him as his shoulders and withers would get sore, even though the saddle fit fine. I was able to find a nice used pad a friend had in Texas and she shipped it right out. The pad fit him perfectly and allowed me to continue to ride him without causing further issues. Here's a before and after shot of him spanning about 6 months,and this is the result. His topline has dramatically increased this pad continues to give him maximum protection where it's needed.

Deanna Ross SR testimonial 1 compressedDeanna Ross SR testimonial 2 compressed

Sandra Baumann

I work on a ranch as a horse trainer where SaddleRight pads are used. I was impressed with even though these 2 pads are used every day with 20 different horses, they are still in perfect shape and haven’t lost anything of their thickness. With so many different and always changing horses, it’s difficult to get a saddle to fit perfect. With the SaddleRight pad we got a good protection for their backs to always keep them feeling best and comfortable. When I got my young mare in November I started looking for a SaddleRight pad because I liked the slim style of them. I’m using a CSI pad on my older horse.
I love how she moves freely and comfortable with her SaddleRight pad. I can totally tell a difference between using a SaddleRight pad and a normal felt pad when riding her. I’m happy about my purchase and my mare is too.

Sandra Baumann compressed3

Hazel McMillan

I recently purchased my SaddleRight Western Square Deluxe pad used from another member of the local NBHA community and, despite having been used regularly for a few years, I was extremely impressed with the condition of the pad and the lack of normal physical wear and tear.  After purchasing my Martin Crown C last spring and having to go for a larger 8” gullet (since my boy Gibson is very thickly built) I struggled to find the perfect pad. I purchased and used a 1” 5star for the majority of the season, ended up shimming it half way through the summer and started regular massage therapy to address the soreness in Gibby’s back.  Coming into the 2020 season, I began looking for something different and found SaddleRight pads.  I was very excited to try the pad based on the fascinating concept and positive reviews, especially those from other barrel racers/polebenders, and I am very happy with my choice. After the first few rides during which I poked around at home, I was very pleased with how the pad kept the saddle in place even though I forgot to tighten my cinch prior to mounting as well as the amount of clearance that was maintained under the gullet.  I wasn’t able to really ride hard in the pad until this past weekend when I spent 3 days with small group of friends riding with an experienced former cutter.  I was very pleased with the sweat marks and I have not observed any stiffness or soreness through his back despite the 3 days of hard work and being out of shape coming out of winter.  I even got the chance to watch our cutter friend ride Gibson and keep him in beautiful form while I looked on and searched for any movement in the saddle and saw absolutely none.  I am very excited to continue using my Western Square Deluxe pad and Gibby and I look forward to a great season and a soft, happy back.

Hazel McMillian SR testimonial Mar 2020 compressed

Maranda L.

I’ve been using Saddleright pads for about two years now. Before that I tried just about every other big name brand pad out there for my overly sensitive mare. Most were either too bulky or just did not fit right. My mare was one to tell you very clearly when something didn’t work for her. We finally decided to purchase a few Saddleright pads. Needless to say we haven’t gone back! She loves them and the colts love them! They fit perfectly and not only that they are durable as heck! I’ve had two pads that I’ve used daily and still look brand new! I don’t think we will ever go back to anything else!

Maranda L compressed

Brooke Kisser

I love using my SaddleRight pad to start my young horses. It allows them to move freely in their shoulders, feel my legs to understand what I’m asking, gives their spine and withers relief, and their muscles along their back room to grow and function without being obstructed by my saddle pad. With my SaddleRight pad, there is no fussing with it to make sure it fits properly, or that it’s going to slide back, or that I’m going to have to move it to fit them. These pads naturally fall into the correct place they need to sit once I set them on my horses, young and old. I love my SaddleRight pads, and I can’t wait until I get to purchase a new one. Thank you for creating such a quality pad!

Brooke Kisser Compressed

Nicole Germany

I freaking love my SaddleRight pad and how it fits him with my saddle!
My horse always has issues with back soreness. I even tried 3/4” or 7/8” or even 1” and nothing worked until I met a dealer of Saddleright and bought one from him. My horse is completely changed, he runs and turns way better! Never having back sore again!

Nicole Germany Compressed

Brittany Lowary

I have been a Saddleright user for about 20 years. I have two that have been with me for at least 15 years and one of them I bought used. The one I bought used I have used everyday on several horses and it has held up great. I power wash it about twice a year. My nicer ones I always use a liner and they still look brand new. We love them and so do our horses.

Brittany Lowary 3 compressedBrittany Lowary 2

Brittany Lowary 1 compressed

Stacy Tlusky

By far the best saddle pad I've invested in!!

I absolutely love this pad. It works great with all my horses. This is the only pad I use on my mare, she's a little more flat backed and every saddle fits her amazingly well with my SaddleRight Pad. I've tried other pads and SaddleRight pads are the best!

I highly recommend this saddle pad!!

Stacy Tlusky

Sara Thompson

I spent YEARS riding other high end saddle pads and swearing by them, but I started to notice some areas of atrophy and imperfections in my current horse that just weren’t right. After some saddle fit trial and error, I realized that the saddle wasn’t the problem and my other pads were too thick and didn’t provide any spinal relief amongst other issues. SaddleRight pads were recommended to me by a close friend. I was optimistic, loved the color options and wither relief, so I took the plunge. Now, after a few months in my SaddleRight, it’s safe to say I’m NEVER going back to anything else! My horses topline looks amazing, my saddle stays snug and after every ride there are perfectly even sweat marks and a dry line all the way down his spine. All this in a beautiful light weight design, custom made to order with a fantastic warranty and great company that really backs their product! Thank you SaddleRight!! 

Sara Thompson

Brittani Oyster

I love my SaddleRight pad! My gelding needed a pad that came down farther below the rigging and Saddleright was the only brand that delivered! I love the durability, longevity, weight distribution, and the variety of colors and styles available!

Brittani Oyster2

Muriah Klinger

I am more than thrilled with my purchase of a SaddleRight pad, I regret not trying one sooner! My mare is wide and I mean WIDE, I had issues for years now finding the right pad/cinch combo and always was dealing with my saddle rolling with my treeless saddle. This was my last attempt before looking into a new treed saddle, which I really didn’t want to do. This past weekend we ran our fastest time together and I felt so stable and secure without jacking my cinch so tight. My horse was much happier to be saddled and these pictures speak for themselves! Thank you for a great pad and I cannot wait to order another!

Muriah Klinger

Melissa Mann

Solo is a 24 year old barrel horse who has been using a SaddleRight pad for about the past 10 years. He still loves his job and we don’t see him slowing down anytime soon! Part of what keeps him feeling so strong is his Saddle Right pad! Chiropractors, massage therapists, and vets, cannot believe the condition his body is in. His back actually has the least amount of issues! Thank you Saddle Right for continuing to protecting our older boy out in the arena!

Melissa Mann

Ashli Williams

I just wanted to say that I had actually never heard of your saddle pad before I went to the bonus race world finals a couple of weeks ago. But I had been in the market for a nice pad. I did some research. Liked what I was finding out so I bought one. My horse was struggling to get around the barrels.  Blowing past them like she couldn’t get her body to work right. I put this pad on her and we have consistently had several VERY nice runs in a row. I have to think that somehow her saddle pad is contributing to that in some degree. Just wanted to take a moment and brag and let you know I really like my pad and so thankful I saw them when I did.

Ashli Williams

Emilee Rickard

Hey y’all! I recently bought a SaddleRight pad, I rode in it for the first time last night and just want to say how much I love it. It’s super light weight and not thick and bulky like the other pads I used to use. I sold all my other pads, including 5 stars, to get this and couldn’t be happier. It looks fantastic on my mare. I love the wither clearance it gives my mare. I’ve recommended SaddleRight to all my friends that don’t have one. Thanks for making a great pad!! 

Emilee Rickard

Brandy Hampton

I absolutely love my SaddleRight. I can physically see and feel my horses moving more free. I have ran my mare 5 times in it, 4 out of which she placed in the 1D or 2D. She has never ran as free as she has since I got this pad, photo is of her winning the jackpot! My gelding also loves the pad, I will be making a 2nd purchase of another SaddleRight soon. I won’t be buying anything but a SaddleRight! Very pleased and happy with the results of SaddleRight Pads.
Photo by Kate Moynihan Photography

Brandy Hampton

Claire Salsburg

I just want to say that I’m IN LOVE with my SaddleRight pad! I have tried so many different pads with my Bob Marshall sports saddle, and all the other ones make my saddle slip or roll. After every exercise, my horses back in completely wet with sweat and a dry spine. My mares have gotten 10x sharper around the barrels compared to before. It is also so easy to clean! I would love to order another one soon! Thank you guys for making such an amazing saddle pad!

claire slasburg 2

Karen Selle

Here are some pictures you can post on your site if you choose. They are of me, Karen Selle, and my mare, Miel, riding the Hummingbird Area in Alberta last week. The pad is performing well.

Karen Selle

Sandra Baumann

Totally in love with my SaddleRight.  Kind regards from Germany.

Sandra Baumann SR testimonial

Jeff Forestell

I love my SaddleRight pad and recommend it to everyone.

Jeff Forestell compressed

Sky Groat (Skyler Dean Groat)

I work horseback, and I struggle to find a pad that works. I’ve got a couple cow horses that are difficult to fit saddles and pads to. You guys have hands down the best pads! My horses feel great underneath me using your SaddleRight pads. Thank you.

Sky Groat Testimonial 1 C

Casey, Redheadhorsemanship

This SaddleRight pad is several years old used everyday on several horses. It has never gotten hard or compressed like other name brand pads I’ve used. It gives the BEST spinal and wither clearance, even for high withered and sway backed horses! It’s the only pad I’ve found to work successfully with my treeless and not allow the saddle to sit on the withers. Will absolutely be purchasing several more!

Casey redheadhorsemanship 1C

Kayce Donahue

Thank you for making such a great pad!  We love our SaddleRights!

Kayce Donahue 3

Samantha M. Hancock

"We purchased a SaddleRight pad for my daughters 15 year old rodeo horse, Shorty, who had shown signs of being a little back sore. He is running so much more freely in the new pad and it looks fantastic! Here are photos of him and our six year old daughter, Gracie, making a run with their new pad! Grace is ranked 8th nationally in barrels for Little Britches Rodeo right now." PC: Albraunworth.com

Samantha M Hancock C

Kortney Kizer

I love my SaddleRight pads. They fit perfectly, love how they set off their withers, and keep my horses backs feeling good. When I get my pictures from the American semi finals I will send them to you as well. Thank you for such a great product.

Kortney Kizer

Lindsey Williams

Hello! I was able to get these pictures of my SaddleRight pad in action. I absolutely LOVE this pad. 12 years ago one of my friends insisted that these were the best. So I invested in one. These pictures are of that exact pad. Still looks great and functions as if we’re new. Thank you for making such a great product!!

Lindsey Williams 1

Karly Dauphin

I have been using SaddleRight pads for 6 years and I'll never turn back.  It's the only pad that works for my mare, and trust me, I've tried them all.  The spine relief is my top priority and SaddleRight pads offer that plus more.  This pad has truly made a positive impact with my mare.

Karly Dauphin 1

Rebecca Wehmueller - Ace Moon Horsesmanship

Why do we choose SaddleRight pads over any other pad on the market? Well…..

Unsurpassed fit, quality, and comfort

Increased longevity over other pads

Thinner than other pads on the market, but just as protective as thick & stiff CSI (and the panels in a SR will not crack like CSI, or break down like Impact Gels do)

Completely independent sides of the pad move freely with each side of your horse. It is free in the withers, and at the back (SPH is only free at the withers)

LIFETIME trade in guarantee (as long as pad has not been purposely altered), have a 10 year old pad? Trade it in for a brand new one and only pay 50% of the new price.

They offer every size and shape you need, and even have a “Legacy” model that is thicker through the panels for horses with atrophy to their back, are older, go on very strenuous rides, heavy roping, long trails, etc. And also perfect for colts who are usually not as mature when you start them!

No I’m not a dealer, no I wasn’t paid to say this, and no they don’t sponsor us. Nor am I on their team yet. This is all HONESTY. And after trying all the other good pads out there, I thought I’d share my review so that more people confidently make the switch! (Plain felt pads like SPH and 5 star are still awesome, I just prefer more protection.) Can you see why we have 4 in our barn and will continue to buy from them??

Rebecca Wehmueller Ace Moon Horsesmanship 1 C

Painted Pine Acres

We LOVE our SaddleRight pad. It gives the maximum amount of comfort to my horse and makes my saddle stay in place. I will FOREVER be a SaddleRight owner. Each of my boys now have their very own. They are fantastic quality and built to last. I’m so glad my barrel trainer showed me this brand…we are hooked.

Painted Pine Acres 1

Sophie Fountaine

SaddleRight pads have been the best pads for my horses.  My gelding had continual issues with his withers rubbing until I tried the SaddleRight pad.  He has not had any issues since.  These pads are so nice to try with any saddle.  They made every saddle fit so well.  Even after using these pads on multiple horses for years, they look and feel exactly like the day I bought them.

IMG 9132

Maranda Warbelton

I've attached some pics you are more than welcome to use on your page or site if you'd like. I'm not a sponsored rider, but ever since I switched back to western I've gone with SaddleRight. I tried every brand out there and couldn't find something that worked for my sensitive horses that didn't make my saddle slip or roll around. I love that these pads don't get wear spots in them and prevent them from soring more in certain areas. I have 6 pads for my three horses. I use them with liners and they all stay looking new. Some I've had for over 5 years and you'd never know. Just a quick brush down and they look new again. I truly don't speak on products unless I stand by them and I can proudly say anytime someone asks me why I love these pads all the benefits they offer.

Maranda Warbelton 1 C

Rainey Williams

“SaddleRight is the only pad I’ll ever consider putting on my working and endurance horses backs!” 

IMG 0948

Jessy Eickmeier

I just won’t make a run in anything else!
When I first made the switch I immediately felt improvements in my mares runs as well as saw the difference on the clock!
My saddle stays in place, my mares backs aren’t sore from lack of protection from impact. There isn’t a pad on the market that compares to the quality, effectiveness, design and the SaddleRight Lifetime Guarantee that’s offered!!
I’m so very thankful for such an amazing product that I can customize to the size and color I need and want
I’ve used the SaddleRight pads with many saddles and have yet to be displeased.
Our horses are athletes no matter what discipline and they deserve the best, and right here is where you’ll find it.
Thank you SaddleRight for your amazing products

Jessy Eickmeier

Kristi Schaaf

As a fairly new horse owner a few years ago, I was an eternal optimist and believed all the "lines" that saddle makers, pad makers, bit makers, boot makers, etc gave me about how their wonderful products would change me/my horse's lives. Finally, after spending 10 times as much on TACK as I had on the horse, I became very pessimistic that any product could actually do what the manufacturer promised.

Then, in one last burst of hopefulness, I ordered your pad. I have never been so impressed by the quality of a product THAT LIVES UP TO THE PROMISES! My SaddleRight pad is my favorite and most cherished piece of tack. My husband used it last week and I had to order him one in order to get mine back. THANK YOU for an honest product made for the good of the horse!

Susan Tomasini

I have been using The Saddleright pads for my horses and my clients' horses for the past 10 years. They do what you say they do. They move with the horses and allow for proper muscle development. While riding, you can see the independent movement of each side of the pad as the horse moves. No other pad I have used does that at all. There is not impediment for the horse to use each side as he needs. My horses always move better and don't pin their ears when saddled. The horses more willingly lift their backs and move forward, engaging the hind quarters with ease, because their back and shoulders do not hurt. I could go on and on about how much I believe in these pads. What a joy to know I am doing the best by the comfort of the horse.

I am very involved with the new discipline of Cowboy Dressage. Most of my saddles are custom made. The Saddleright pad maximizes their efficiency to fit the horse and correct any uneven issues. As a rider, I can even feel the comfort and "life" in the pad as the horse moves under me.

Deborah Clifton

I got the pad a couple of weeks ago and have put quite a bit of use on it. It has done exactly what I had hoped it would do. My horse had developed a very slight amount of atrophy on his left side of his back from not working and using that side as much as the other. I would find a dry spot down his back on the left side where the saddle sat after riding. Your pad has resolved this issue and gives my horse comfort, while I work to build his back on the left side to match the right. I am very pleased with the pad and am happy I ordered it.


First of all, thank you Janette for sending me the white felt liner. It is working perfectly!

Below is my testimony of the SaddleRight pad that you can place on your website if you wish. It is rather long and you are welcome to edit it to make is shorter.

I will be sending this same testimony to Horse & Rider with some pictures of my horse saddled up with the pad. I will also try Western Horseman . I hope they will publish it. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. I'm not the best at writing, so any ideas you may have that may jazz up the story to make it more desirable to an editor would be appreciated.

My testimony speaks for itself, but just between you and I, I want to express a sincere, deep, heart-felt THANK YOU! It is amazing how much impact this saddle pad has on my life.

Dear SaddleRight, Inc.,

It all began over five years ago when, at age 35, my life-long dream of owing my own horse was about to come true. Realizing the novice that I was, I tried to educate myself as much as possible by reading, taking lessons, and making friends in the horse world. After the bam was built, I was ready and eager to start looking for my new equine friend. After a month or so of discouraging search efforts, I finally came upon a paint horse gelding that seemed a little stubborn, but seasoned and gentle enough. I took "Chabaca" home.

Mary Murray

I’ve had my saddle pad a little over 4 weeks now. I was very skeptical when I read all that you said this pad could do, but no longer. I have a marvelous QH that is a natural pleasure mover. He was 99 PHBA open longe line World Champion. We always had a hard time with this colt's movement in one direction, but to watch him on the ground was poetry in motion. My trainer moved to another state, so I brought him home. This colt's balance seemed to be poor and riding him was very difficult for me. After riding, he'd winch away from your touch if you touched him on his back. When I read your article about why a saddle would never fit, I thought you were talking about my horse. So since the pad was guaranteed, I thought I'd give it a try. I didn't notice anything significant at first, probably because he was so sore to begin with. But the last ten days have been remarkable. His movement under saddle looks and feels like it does from the ground. I can only attribute this to the saddle pad. I have been able to increase him work time from 30 mins to 2 hrs.

Mike Clancy

I just wanted to write and tell you how PLEASED we are with our SADDLERIGHT pads! My husband used them when he rode our horses down the Grand Canyon and they worked GREAT! Our only regret was that we didn't buy them sooner! We will never use any other pad on our horses!

Jennifer Smith Cox

I just wanted to tell you how great of a pad you make! Ever since I won my pad in 2000, I have only taken it off one time. When I did I ended up with chiropractor issues. I went back to my pad and haven't looked back! I say this because my boy is 24 year old this year and just got back in the big Superstar shoot out show. Running on the wild side winning 5th in the 2nd division a half second off. I am a firm believer in your pad. It has done wonders for my Savage! After all these years it is still holding up! 

Nancy Chamberlain

Just a note to tell you about our success with the Saddle Right pad. Two years ago, I bought my daughter a young horse to use in Fony Club. He was very green, but willing. After a few month of training, his personality began to change. He became less willing to move forward, was having trouble with lead changes, was bucking, and his ground manners became aggressive. Our trainer was baffled. Our vet felt it was strictly a behavioral issue. We laid the horse up for several months and pondered the problem. Finally, we consulted Dr. Bill Wood, a veterinary chiropractor, who was certain that the horse's back was the problem. He recommended four things: a back adjustment, a strict exercise program to maintain his back alignment, a change in his shoeing, and the SaddleRight pad. We did them all, and shortly the horse was back in training with his performance and behavior much improved.

For the next year and a half, my daughter rode the horse in Pony Club and CDS dressage, qualifying for the California Jr Dressage championships and the Pony Club regional championships in dressage. They also started winning in combined training events. The horse turned out better than we had ever hoped. We used the SaddleRight pad faithfully, but were never sure if it was the real solution.

Then last week, for reasons unknown to myself, my daughter rode the horse in a Pony Club combined training rally without her SaddleRight pad. At Pony Club, the parents are not allowed in the stable area and must watch the proceedings from the grandstand. They had a mediocre dressage ride (the horse did not want to move forward) and had a refusal on the cross country (a very rare event for this horse). When I approached the horse after the competition, he pinned his ears at me, and acted very aggressively toward everyone who approached. His back was extremely tender to palpation. IN ONE DAY!

We have learned our lesson. The horse will never go out without his SaddleRight pad. Since the horse is only 7, and the girl is 13, I figure they may be able to cash in on your guarantee. However, the pad shows ABSOLUTELY no sign of wear or compression. It doesn't even seem to get dirty! People think I'm crazy when I tell them I paid $200 for that little saddle pad, but without it, our horse would be dog food!

Thanks for a great product.

Bonnie Slaten

I received my replacement pad today, via CJPS. I can hardly believe that after 11 years you are still in business selling pads and will honor your lifetime guarantee. The pad that l have been using all this time has rehabilitated 3 different horses. I am now in the dilemma of needing it to be on two backs at the same time. My granddaughter and I are doing a day wilderness ride in July. I think that I will soon be sending in an order for another. Meanwhile, I mentioned your company to my horse chiropractor and he is very interested in this pad for his own horse and his many clients. Thank you so much for your delivery of my second generation of saddle pads. I hope I last as long as this new piece of equipment.

Nicky Edwards

I just wanted to thank you for developing this new saddle pad. It seems like a great idea and I hope to be able to try it out someday. I never really thought of some of my horses problems as back related. I do know that I have never been able to find a saddle to fit her exceptionally well. I've tried different pads and things like that, but they never pleased me. I hope this one will do a better job.

I also want to thank you for the information on your product and an explanation as to why horses have these problems. I just can't see buying a product without knowing why I'm doing it. But you made it very clear. Thank you so much! I hope to get to try one of these pads out soon!

Karen Wagner

I just wanted to say thank you for making such a great product! I have been using a SaddleRight pad for the last 16 years and I won't use anything else. I have used it on all of my feedlot horses, competition horses, and everyday riding horses. What I like is that the horses do not get sore, nor does the pad rub off hair when the horse sweats. I haven't had a horse with a sore back since I started using the SaddleRight pad. I am always getting asked what kind of pad I am using and I'm often asked where they can buy one. I have referred many people to your website. I'll never go back to using any other kind of pad again. For anyone who does not believe that these could be so great, they really needs to try one and then look at a horse who spends 12 hours a day or more under saddle in working conditions. I think they would become believers!

Rhonda Cook

I just wanted you to know how much of a difference your pad has made on my horse. I have a 5 yr old Tenn. Walker and he has been having chiro adjustments for 2 years now. It seemed as though his wither was always out, which made him walk or gate with his neck/head alway leaning to the right. It looked like he was ready to go right, but was going straight. He was trying to take the pressure off of the left shoulder. He would not like to gait just canter. So I bought a SADDLERIGHT pad from a friend who guaranteed it to work. I had an adjustment done on "Trip" (always trips) and then started using the pad. Needless to say, after a vacation in the Shawnee Forest in Southern Illinois, Trip no longer trips or carries his head and neck to the right. It was interesting to watch the change. As soon as we would start our ride, he immediately put his neck in "the position". And then after a short time, it was like, "oh my, I can keep my neck straight and it isn't uncomfortable." Each day the length of time between his taking the neck "position" and the letting go of the "position" was shorter and shorter. After the 5th day, he forgot all about the "position". He also enjoys gaiting and no longer wants to canter. I am so satisfied that I am trying to get my fellow riders to go to the SADDLERIGHT pad. It is their loss if they choose not to. To have a happy horse is worth the money spent.

Keatha Senyohl

The best thing that has happened for horses ever. Thank you

Robert Gould

I've had one of your pads for I would guess close to 10 or 11 years. They truly are everything you say about them. It gets heavy use with two quarter horses each ridden about two to three times a week. I oil and lexol it once or twice a year and it's as good as new. Very pleased. 

Kelly Waller

I have trained and shown horses for 20 years. Last November Cordy Coupland taught me about the value of your SaddlerRight pads. I now own two of my own and what a difference they make. I can hardly believe the change in my horses. They are more willing and so much more even and forward in their movement. Thank you for such a great product. I am really spreading the word and have linked you to our website.

Sarah J

I have had the chance to use the pad only once, but either by my creative imagination or the fact that it does indeed make a difference, my horse was responding beautifully to my cues. Usually we have to argue a few times before we get it right. I hope to someday get another one for my sweenied horse, as I am pretty sure the pad is the key factor. I have convinced a friend of mine who has an Ortho-flex saddle and worn Ortho Flex pad to switch to your pad. I think he will be impressed. So much for Professional's Choice and Ortho-Flex, I won't be wasting my time or money with their pads. The quality and performance pale in comparison after just one ride. I'll let you know how the next few rides go after it dries up around here.


I cannot tell you what a difference there has been in my little roan mare since I've started riding with this pad. Like I was telling you down in Reno, she always had dry spots after riding and I couldn't keep my saddle in place. Well, a couple of other things were that she was falling out from under me all of the time, dropping her shoulder like she was trying to get away for the saddle. Kind of sounds strange, but she has completely stopped doing that and is really becoming a joy to ride again. I gave her a couple of weeks off after Reno and started back and it's been great. I have our first winter rodeo this coming weekend.

I would love to buy another pad, but it will have to wait until next summer. Money gets a little tight during the winter, plus I'm still paying for RENO! ha ha ha

I'll keep in touch and give you a jingle this next summer! Hope to see you at come races. I tend to go that direction a lot during the winter, because there is absolutely nothing going on here in the Lewiston valley. Thanks a lot!

Steve Grandin

I just wanted to let you know that I am the proud owner of an American Paint Horse named Rooster ("Hesa Partee Rooster"). He is a trail horse - 5 years old strong, athletic, very level headed, handsome as all get out. He has virtually no withers. I was experiencing saddle roll and saddle sliding (forward on to his neck) and he was beginning to suffer from an underdeveloped right shoulder and exhibiting "burn" marks in his right shoulder and side. On top of that he was beginning to pin his ears and refuse the bit. My perfect, wonderful, well mannered, little guy suddenly became irascible and stubborn. One weekend using my new pad transformed him back in to the wonderful horse that I love. lt was exhibited by drastically reduced saddle roll, less slipping forward, and his eagerness to behave. I am a very hands on owner/rider, but I certainly don't know everything. Being introduced to your pad has really made a difference! I am working his figure eights and trotting in 10 meter circles to help bring his shoulder back in line and it seems to be working at an almost miraculous rate. Thank you.

Nancy Fretheim

Well, it has been some time since I have been in touch. I, of course, still use your pads and still sing their praises. I have six of your pads, four western and two English. Three years ago we closed the boarding part of our ranch for many reasons. The new homes, the hassle of finding good ranch help, etc. I have been assisting Gene, who is now a pastor and prison chaplin, as well as traveling internationally as an evangelist. It is quite a change, but tremendously satisfying. I still have two horses and ride a lot. I am now getting back into doing a little brokering again. I just can't seem to stay away from the fatal attraction I have for these creatures! Well, I just sold a lovely little horse to a really nice gal named Deborah Cohan and of course she is going to get an O.C. pad for it. She is going to order a circle Y flexible saddle. Should she contact you directly to work with you in getting a pad? I am still one of your BIGGEST fans and welcome you to refer anyone who wants to know more about your products to call me. Being one of the old timers (I've used the O.C. pads since 1987!) I have a lot of experiences with a lot of different horses and after all these years, I do not saddle a horse that I am going to ride without putting my O.C. pad on the animal. Hope all is well with you guys. Life is good here.

Susan Culligan

I thought you might like to hear my testimonia, only 2 weeks after receiving my new SaddleRight pad.

First off, let me say thank you for making the ordering process easy and informativ. I actually received my pad earlier than I had expected, so I was very happy right away. I ordered the hunter/jumper pad in burgundy suede with felt lining. The first thing I noticed was the quality of the pad. I can't imagine how the "cover" of suede/felt could ever come undone or get damaged based on the way it is manufactured, so I look forward to a lifetime of usage. I was excited to get this pad on my horse's back immediately. I have a 5 yo TB who was just started back into regular work when I bought him in March 1999. He was out to pasture for 6 months before that. Before then he was in training for 6 months. Since I purchased him, I have realized how important saddle fit is to optimal performance. The first saddle I used on him didn't fit properly, so I had a professional saddle fitter come out and we chose something that we thought would work for him. I was amazed at the immediate difference in his stride when we put a comfortable saddle on his back, since I wasn’t sure that I would, or could, expect anything more or different with your pad.  I was wrong. Since I have had him, my horse has been in various stages of discomfort. He had exhibiting his pain to me through bucking. Usually when he starts a bucking spell, I know he is in need of relief. I have spent lots of money on chiropractic, acupuncture, and equine massage for him, and it seems to help a lot, but only for 4-8 weeks. Then he is in need of "adjustments" again. After one of his last bucking spells, I was so disconcerted that I also contacted an animal communicator, Marta Williams, who reiterated his feelings of discomfort and suggested your saddle pad. I had stumbled across your website a few months ago, so I was familiar with it. I must say I didn’t believe that a saddle pad could make such a dramatic difference and I was reluctant to spend the money on your product. Marta informed me of your money-back guarantee, and told me the pad made a tremendous difference in the comfort of her horse. I decided I had nothing to lose, and potentially everything to gain, so I ordered the pad.

Well, this is definitely one of the best investments, if not the best, I have ever made for my horse. As I mentioned above, I purchased a saddle that was the best "fit" for him. After having experienced his tremendously free movement, I didn’t think that I could feel any greater degree of performance. What I was hoping for was consistency. I’d love for him to feel relaxed and comfortable all the time, not just after a massage or other treatment. At this point, two weeks after using the pad, he hasn't been adjusted for 4 weeks. I thought this would be a great time to put your pad to the test, especially since ha has been "off" for a couple of weeks due to a change in his hoof angle, which has caused him to use his body a bit differently than he is used to. I rode him Saturday, Sunday, and Monday (trainer rode last week), and WOW!!! I thought he had a great trot before, but my goodness, he is really opening up his stride so much that I can barely keep up with him! I was yelling at the other people riding in the arena "look at him and this trot". He uses his back so much more now and I have received many compliments such as,  "Wow, he is looking really good", "he looks so relaxed", and "he looks so happy". Since I have used this pad, he hasn't bucked with me once. Now, if he never bucked again with me on his back, I would call this pad truly a miracle, but I don’t know if I can count on that, so I take that as a sign that he is comfortable.

The changes haven't only been under-saddle, though. He is usually a very "girthy" horse, who could not even stand to be touched on his back. Once I cot out his tack, he would pin his ears. I can’t say that all of that behavior has completely disappeared, because I think a lot of it is new out of habit, but he is definitely improving. He will now stand for grooming and lets me brush and massage his back. I'm hoping the more I use this pad, the less his reaction will be.

Thank you for caring enough to make such a wonderful product! I have given your phone number to friends at the barn and they have been anxiously awaiting my feedback. I'm going to suggest they pick up the phone and order a pad for themselves!

Allie Davidson and Bondolero

Hello again. I sent you some email awhile back about the pad I bought from you. I'd like you to know that this pad is nothing short of amazing. Before this pad, performing slow corkscrew circles was unheard of and now he does those relaxed and with his head down. Just this last weekend we entered a gymkhana, the first since I bought this pad. We won reserve high-point in our division, coming in either first or second in just about all our classes. It's close to a miracle. My horse wasn't misbehaving. He was hurting! A few short months ago I was ready to give up on this horse. I thought he was untrainable. Now we’re looking forward to a rewarding gymkhana season. I can’t stress enough to anyone reading this letter that THESE PADS ARE WORTH THEIR WEIGHT IN GOLD! Purchasing this pad was the best thing I've ever done for my horse.

Jackie Brown

This is Jackie Brown and I just used my new pad last night and the only thing I hate is that I haven’t had one for the past 40 years!! I love it! My mare worked so much better, she extended her trot better than ever before!! I am a equine dentist and you can be sure I will let my clients know about these wonderful pad. I am also a master seamstress and the quality of the workmanship in your pad is the BEST!

Anne & Gregg Felber

We recently ordered 4 more pads after I bought my first one about a month ago. We absolutely love them and won't ride our horse with anything else. 

I purchased one of your pads about three weeks ago and am hooked! My horse actually loves it too!! Our trot lengthenings are getting great and he has stopped tail wringing altogether. 

Carole Balcerek

Thank you so much for introducing me to your saddle pad. After using it for just a short time, I really could see a difference!!!! I was using the pad as a working pad, but after seeing what a difference it made in my 19 year old horse, I bought another one just to show with. I have not been happier! I was not able to ride for a couple of weeks, and someone else exercised her for me. They did not use our Saddleright pad. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! She started wringing her tail again. She was not happy about being brushed and did not even want to ride for any length of time. After using your pad again regularly, we are back to being happy campers. I said when I bought my first one, for the cost I was either doing one of the smartest things I have ever done or the dumbest. As I already stated, I bought a second one. Thank you again, for all your help.

Deb Fjelstad

I am very excited to start using your pad! My husband has been using your pad and couldn’t say enough good things about it. After riding behind him one day on a hilly trail ride, I noticed his saddle wasn’t slipping a bit. Mine was rolling around on the horse and sliding forward and backward. That was it, I tried the pad and was sold on it immediately.

Cheryl Bixel & Rap

Just a note to again thank you for your wonderful products. My horse is continuing to improve. I WAS TOTALLY AMAZED that his two white spots HAVE DISAPPEARED!! Have you had that happen before?? Thanks again!

Cheryl Bixel

I am sure you are used to these, but I’m going to send mine anyway! Your saddle pad is all it claims, which is indeed unusual in today's world! My horse no longer has any soreness in the girth box area, his stride is longer, and new back and shoulder muscles are appearing. HE IS MUCH HAPPIER! THANK YOU FOR A WONDERFUL PRODUCT! I will contact you again in the near future to order a hunt seat pad. Thanks again.

Cheryl Bixel & Rap

Just wanted to drop you an email again with profuse THANKS. I've purchased both a western and english pad from you approximately a year ago. My horse was always sore for his massages, usually along his back, girthbox, stifle and hamstrings. I first bought the western pad and the soreness disappeared, new muscles appeared, and his frame changed under saddle. We were both so happy that I bought the english pad too! He just had his regular massage and yet again we have no soreness ANYWHERE. Your pads are the best thing to hit the equine market in my lifetime. Thank you again for such wonderful products.

Dale Humphrey

I accidently found your website via a connection on one of the horse websites. Wow! I am sure glad I did! Poor horses. So kind and trusting, enduring such pain. I have always thought that it must be uncomfortable for a horse to be ridden and now I know why. Your research has confirmed everything I have witnessed concerning performance and behavior in horses. I have made a commitment not to continue my 2 year old gelding's training until I can afford to buy your pad. I don't even have a saddle yet (been borrowing a friend’s), but instead of saving for a saddle, now I am saving for your pad. I REFUSE to ever mount a horse again without one. When I get one, I will take it with me everywhere I go and use it on any horse I ride - promoting your discovery! I have told several friends about your website and have our whole pony club (United States Pony Club) excited to try my pad when I get it. I bet they all buy one!

Dara Ray Hopkins

Thank you for the wonderful pad and the great service. I received my pad before I left on my rodeo runs and the feel of my horse felt so much better. I was afraid that I wouldn't get it in time before I left, but it arrived a week earlier and now two of my friends want one. My barrel mare is starting to get lower and tighter in her turns and I wish I could say it was the training, but I think she feels more comfortable. I have already won my investment back and I'm truly greatful. Thank you!

Doug Warren

I have had my new pad for about six or eight months now. I wanted to tell you how happy I am with it I do a lot of riding, both for work and pleasure. I am a barrel racer and rancher, so I spend my free time riding a lot also. What amazes me the most is the first time I used it on my good barrel horse, I could notably tell a difference in his stride especially in trotting circles. He has started running harder since using the pad. I believe because he is more comfortable to stretch out and run. I am also glad for the durability of the pad. We are in the saddle from sun up to sun down a lot of days and this is the only pad that has really stood up to those kind of days without breaking down in a hurry. My horses are noticeably happier. I am sure if they could, they would thank you!

Fran Smith

I just want to share with you that I purchased a pad from you in approximately 1989. I am STILL using this same pad. My name is Fran Smith. I live in Yuma, Arizona. This pad, at approximately 22 years old, is showing NO signs of wearing out or wearing down. This is, by the way, with day in and day out use. It has done and continues to do, what you said it would. I just wanted to let you know that my pad keeps on tickin'. Anyone is free to contact me if they have a question about your pads.

Gabbie Grothe

I have a few saddle right pads and use them eveytime I ride. They are SUPER easy to clean and are long lasting. They fit under every one of my saddle which makes it a lot easier. They aren't bulky at all. Their fit is great!

I really like the dark grey pad, because I really am a big fan of that color! Thanks for making a great product! 

Jen Tulimieri

I adore my new pad. It is like having a totally different saddle. Imagine, I did an internet search for fun and ended up with a great addtion to my riding equipment.

Judy Washbon


Hello! I just wanted to let you know that the western all around saddle pad I ordered last week just arrived. I don’t know why, but I just assumed it would take around 3 weeks or so to arrive. I was thrilled! Living in Northern Wyoming it will be another few months before I actually get to try it. If I go by looks alone, it is fantastic! Thank you for your GREAT SERVICE!

Karin Pittman


After trying various pads, saddles etc, I finally called you to talk to about your pad. I am so glad I did. Your staff was very forthright, helpful, and informative. They were not pushy or "hot to sell me something". I found out that all the problems my horse was having could be relieved by this pad. So I thought, and thought, looked at my checkbook and called. I am so glad I did. I have a new horse!!! The one-sidedness is almost gone. He's not as cinchy as he has been and his endurance has gone way up. I value that pad more than my saddle!!! I just wanted to pass this on to you and let you know that you have a very satisfied customer and a happy horse!!!

Kathy Steward


I bought the Saddleright pad a few months ago when I realized that my saddle did not correctly fit my horse. I've had my saddle since 1990 and did not want, or could afford, to replace it. I tried numerous pads under my saddle to try and "make it fit”, which resulted in a very grumpy horse that was bucking after each fence. When I found the SaddleRight site, I was reluctant to spend the money on this pad. With the guarantee, I figured that it was worth a try. If it didn't make a difference, I would return it immediately.

I took pictures of my horses back before I started to use the pad and it was obvious that he and the two indentations on either side of his wither. Since I've used the SaddleRight pad his entire confirmation has changed. Some of this could be because he is now 5 and has matured, but the difference is amazing. There is no more bucking when we jump and he is much happier to work. The two indentations on his back have gone away and he carries himself instead of collapsing under my saddle. I won't be returning the pad.

Kay Belschner


When I found your website I thought that your pad was too expensive and fell into the category of "if it sounds too good to be true, it is". I was, however, at the end of my rope. I had even spent several thousand dollars on a custom saddle and still I felt I was hurting my horse. So I ordered a pad. After the first few times I used it, I almost cried. For the first time in all my years of riding horses, I was on a horse that was comfortable under saddle. Your pad is all that you say it is. Thank you so much.

Kellie Rahm


I have now used my new SaddleRight pad about three times and I love it more with each use! It really makes my treeless sport saddle stick to my horse. It normally slipped/rolled as I mounted, but now barely moves with the saddle right pad. It is so nice and thin. I really have close contact that I love. The density of the pad is amazing and I know it is protecting better than anything I've tried before. Thanks for a great pad!

Linda Currie


I had to write you a brief note. I've been using the SaddleRight pad since December 1998. I've had some interesting and unusual

saddle experiences that I'll try to summarize so you can understand what this pad has done. I own a 12yr. TB/Trak mare with

conformational issues. She has a crooked left fore and her muscle at the shoulder is less developed. I've bought seven saddles in three years before finally finding a solution in a custom saddle from Michael Stokes of Centaur Saddlery. It was great, except for one

thing. After struggling to understand why performance would deteriorate after a couple months, doing a saddle adjustment only to experience the same result, we determined that after as few as five rides, the flocking in the saddle was noticeably altered, highly flattened on one side. Using a gel pad allowed me to extend the time before I'd have to have a reflock to two or three months. Reflocking a saddle this frequently is expensive and time intrusive. I sure can't borrow a saddle with these kinds of problems! I bought a SaddleRight pad in November. I worked with the saddler to widen the head of the saddle. It was too tight. We flocked it very lightly so as to remain close to the horse. Well, it's March and things are still great with no signs of deterioration in my saddle. Four months is

a record! I'll keep you posted, but so far I can't say enough. I really love this pad.



I am not one to write, but in this case I felt a mission. For so long, I have tried everything I could possibly think of within my power, meanwhile putting up with a cankerous horse. I felt it necessary to share this success story with other horse fans, as keeping it to myself would do us no good. I don't fully comprehend how and why this pad works, but I do know that it is a miracle.

Marion Youngs


I want to let you know how impressed I am with your saddle pad. I think the quality is great and best of all it was approved by my horses. I have a 25 year old mare that I have owned for 15 years and she is a real fit problem. She was originally sold because they couldn't do anything with her. She has always pinned her ears when being saddled and was always pinning them when you turned her at a trot or canter. She always hollowed her back and the only way you could get her comfortable was to ride bareback with a thick pad. I had a really good ride on her yesterday. She has quit pinning her ears and her gaits have gotten much better as she is hollowing her back much less and actually cantered properly and happily. I am going to ride her a lot more and watch to see if I can see the change in her muscling. I truly thank you for developing this pad. This mare has a lot of heart and has done a lot of competitive riding and has placed well. If I had this pad before I'm sure she would have been even better. I was always fighting to keep her sound, as she would sore up in the front tendons. I just use this mare for pleasure now and sure wish I had discovered this pad before. I do have a good fitting saddle, but I know you are right that no saddle fits right unless you have some way to keep the blood supply moving in the muscles. 

Meredith Sampson


Just wanted you to know I threw away the box my pad came in. There is no way I'm returning it!!! After trying four different saddles on my 16.3 appendix gelding, I decided to try one of your pads. For the first time yesterday, he stood quietly while I saddled him and cinched up. He no longer danced sideways and continuously bobbed his head throughout our ride. He stands still when asked instead of nervously shifting side to side. 



Today was the fourth time of using the SaddleRight Western Pad.  My mare is not hollowing her back and she is using her legs and carrying her body the way she should.  I have never seen anything work so quickly and give such relief to a horse right away. The SaddleRight pad is a God given blessing to me.  It has been over a year of trying to help my mare and in four saddlings everything about her has changed for the better. I will be ordering another pad very soon. I want all my horses to be ridden only with the SaddleRight pads. I thank you and my horses thank you.

Sally Vielma


Just wanted to say thank you for calling me. I wanted to say that I feel really good about a company that cares enough about their product and customers to call them and make sure they understand about the product and how it should work. That is top quality service!!

If your product is as good as your customer service seems to be (and I have no reason to doubt that), I will be a true customer from now on! I am very impressed with the customer service and your true compassion.

Thanks for your help!!

Sarah J


I thought I would let you know I have had the chance to ride my "new" horse again with my new pad. I thought he was just ornery and had a lot to learn. Hah. He actually acts like a new horse. He is doing things that I wasn't able to get him to do before (with the help of my trainer). He sidepasses elegantly on both sides and has more flex than I have ever seen. He's willing to do what I want and does it. I'll be ordering another one within the next week for my old and grouchy sweenied horse to be kept here at home for him. He will be another test for the pad. I am truly impressed and will be letting people know. Thanks!

Sarah J


It's nice to actually own a product that can back itself and sell itself. You may use anything I say. People need to know so they can quit wasting time and money on the other products. I'm sold. Cash, my cranky gelding, will be the next potential spokesman for the pad. If it makes a difference with him and his special needs I am going to kick myself in the butt for not finding you guys years ago.

Sue Millette


I bought your pad a year ago and love it. Thanks for your great long-lasting product. My foxtrotter and I are quite happy with the fit and comfort.

Tina Love


Alright, I am no longer a sceptical person about your pads. When I first tried your pads on my dun horse, I had more problems. I called you guys and ya’II told me to think about trying another saddle, so I did. I went and had a saddle made just for him. They told me when they saw your pad that belongs to a friend of mine, that I should invest in one of your pads to use with the new saddle. I ordered one. But back to before I ordered your pad, I went back to trying my friends SaddleRight pad with the new saddle, and I will have to say that it was a big difference. He was so willing to stride out in a long trot and his stops were so much better. He was not bouncing to a stop. He is a barrel horse and his runs just keep improving. He is getting so much more responsive and quicker. I just want to say thanks. I can’t wait to try it on my mare, which is getting close to having her baby. The reason I had her bred was because I believe she was in pain some where, but the guys that built my new saddle said that I will probably notice a difference in her with the combination of the new saddle and SaddleRight pad. She quit rating her barrels, so I am really excited about trying the new pad on her. She is way to nice to make a broodmare. I will update you on that experience when it comes time, but for right now I am a totally satisfied customer.

Zoe Kharpertian


This afternoon I had a chance to canter my horse to the left for the first time since switching her to the Saddle Right Pad a few weeks ago. We have always had problems with her stiffening to the left, running through my aids, and bulging out. My trainer has had the same problem, so it's not just my riding. I have noticed since using the SaddleRight pad she is softer to the left at the walk and trot, but tonight, when we cantered, I COULD NOT BELIEVE the change. She was soft, round, and I was able to practically let go of the inside rein and keep her on a soft steady contact on the outside. I can only put this down to the pad as nothing else has really changed. This is a problem I have been battling since I bought her three years ago. I am praying to find the same response tomorrow, as I can hardly believe she really has changed this much.

Stephanie Ogg


I just wanted to tell you how wonderfully impressed I am!! I have been looking at these pads for a long time and wishing I could try one. We just couldn't swing it, and I knew that it would be a waste of money to try anything else. I found a lady that was selling one, because she had three pads and only two horses, so it was siting unused. She knew I wanted one, so I bought it from her. My very first reaction was how can something so thin help my horse? I saddled her up and away we went. This is a mare that has a hard time doing anything to the right. We contest and she picks up that right lead long enough to go around the firsst barrel and no more. She is also very adept at circling to the right on her left lead, no matter how small the circle. I knew she was hurting in her right shoulder, but we couldn't pinpoint it. So after walking and warming up, I asked her to jog. She went willingly, but then she always has. After a few minutes, I asked her to extend her trot, and WOW!!! New horse!! Even strides, really stretching out and beautiful circles to the right. I asked her for a lope to the right and at first she was reluctant to try, but then she did and she actually held that lead for two full circles!!! We have never done that before!!! I am a believer and we have only used it one time!!! I can’t wait til we use it full time and she really shows improvement! I am recommending them to anyone who will listen and am going to keep at it until I get one for all my horses!!!!! Thank you so much!!!! 

Allie Davidson


Hello, this is day two and it just got better. I went out and worked Lero for another hour and a half. Today for the first time in years my horse slow loped in a circle on a loose rein with his head down. Usually our circles are a frantic controlled gallop with him trying to drop his inside shoulder and stick his nose to the outside. For the first time in years, I was able to lift his inside shoulder without him throwing up his head. We were also able to canter and trot nicely around the barrel. Even there he didn't drop his shoulder. I think I'm convinced that his problems have really been related to pain from the saddle. He wasn't being uncooperative. He was hurting! I'm just amazed that it would take something as simple as a good saddle pad. I have a gymkhana this weekend and I'm looking forward to seeing how we perform. It will be the first time since I received my Saddleright pad that I'll have the saddle on his back for most of the day. You may use my letters on your testimony page. I want to be able to let riders know that these pads WORK! They are worth every penny.

Allie Davidson


My name is Allie Davidson. About a week ago I ordered a barrel racing pad and it came today. When I first took it out of the box and saw how thin it was, I said to myself that it would never work. My horse is too strangly built and the only way I was going to get a saddle to fit was to pile on pad after pad.

However, I knew that wasn't a great solution. Before I ordered a Saddleright pad, I had read on various websites other barrel racing people raving about your pad, so I visited your website. Your pads were expensive, but I figured if you're standing behind them with a money back guarantee, you must believe in them. I tried the pad on ray odd-backed horse. His withers are higher than his hip, so he's built up hill. I was surprised that the saddle actually sat on his back without pinching the area behind his shoulder or the swell sitting on his withers. I figured that it wouldn't fit so well once there was weight in the saddle. I mounted up and once again I was pleasantly surprised. The pad didn't compress. And when I started working my horse, I couldn't figure out if he

was being cooperative because the saddle was not pinching him or if we were

just having a good day. I worked him for a good hour and he stayed

unusually focused, quite a feat for a hypersensitive horse like mine.

So far I am impressed with the saddlepad. It fits and looks nice in the English Toast rust colored that I ordered. It's so hard to believe that I may have found a solution to my horse's problems. He usually goes everywhere prancing with his head up in the air. I really think it was because the saddle was pinching him because today he didn't do that. Well, he did a little, but I think that was because he kept expecting to be hurt and pinched. I'm amazed at how willing he was to drop his head. I plan on working him fast on some patterns tomorrow. I’m crossing my finger that this pad is the answer. Thanks so much.

Arlene Dickinson


People are quite impressed with my horse's conditioning, but kind of blink once or twice at the relative small size and thinness of the pad. I tell them that is the beauty of this system. Not only does it work wonders, but it isn't ugly. In fact it is almost invisible, but still works it's magic!! Seems they expect something much "larger than life" in order for it to work.


Barb & Prince


It may just be all in my head. But I don't think so. I got my pad three days ago and have ridden on it for two. I go anywhere from 12 to 15 miles a day. I ride a Tennessee Walker. He is a good horse any way, but it seems like for the last two days he has been looser. He has traveled better has more reach. Might just be me, but I don't think so! Keep up the good work. All our horses need this.

Carolyn Fish


I have used your pad for about two months now. I wouid like to say how it has changed my horse's way of going 100%. He has had back problems on & off for almost all of the 18 months I have had him, resulting in difficulties working through and a huge problem with his right lead canter. He is seen once a month by a chiropractor. He visited on Saturday and for the first time needed little to no treatment. His work is now at a level where we will be able to enter our first dresage test next month. He went from never cantering, the right lead. He now gets it right 8 times out of 10. As others have said this pad is worth it’s weight in gold, and I am so glad I got it. Thank you so much!

Deb Pena


Just wanted you guys to know that I love my pad. I have had it now for a good two months and it is working out great. Hopefully, I will get the money for another one some day. I use the same pad on both horses. I still get a dry spot on the sides of the withers, but it is not as bad as what I got before  It is not as big. My vet also thought it was made really well. Take care and thanks again. Wish I had done this years ago before going through all the others.

Denny Fjelstad


I purchased one of your pads late last fall. I just starting to use it. I've got to tell you it is great. My horse settled down and I can feel his movement. He is so much more relaxed. Its a great pad. I'm trying to save up, so I can purchase another one for my other horse. Aspen and I want to thank you. We feel like we are one. Happy trails.

Ethel Cain


This letter is to express to you my great appreciation for your saddlepad. I had purchased a stitchdown orthoflex saddle. The pad that came with it rubbed my horses loins bare and gave him great discomfort. Unfortunately, this was the only pad they offered with that saddle. I had searched the net for saddle pads and thankfully came across your site. Your representative ,Jennette, was most helpful to me and we managed to design a saddlepad for this particular model of saddle. She was very patient with me, calling back several times about my questions. Within days the pad arrived. I was doubtful about all this pad claimed to do for my horse. In reality, it did everything your ad says it will do and more. My horse has completely changed his gait and he is so happy now to step out and also canter. Beau is 25 years old and such a willing horse with a big honest nature. It saddened me that I had made him so uncomfortable. Now he is pain free and moving with a purposeful step once again.

I help put on competitive trail rides in BCCTRA. In each ride package for the riders, I am going to place information on your pad and the internet site to go to for more information. I hope this is okay with you. My wish is that everyone's horse can come to be as comfortable as my beloved Beau is now. Thank you for all of your research that led to the creation of this product. We who have experienced first hand the benefits of using a SaddleRight Pad cannot say thanks enough.

Janet Nyreen


Hi I got the pad I ordered last week and have been using it all week. Tonight I cinched up my horse without him even noticing! I had cinched him so tight I went right past the holes I didnt mean too, but he usually is so cinchy I thought the cinch wasn't tight yet. He never pinned his ears, nothing! This horse has been cinchy since day one. I was skeptical as to how the pad was going to work, but I was desperate to try anything. Boy am I glad I went ahead and got your pad!

The trainer was sceptical also but you have made a believer of him too. My horse is finally working like the horse I know and love. I wasn't sure that the pad was responsible for the change until tonight when I cinched him up. When he didn't even notice, then I knew that your pad was protecting his back. He is a happy horse and I'm a happy owner. The only regret I have is that I didn't find your pad sooner. I feel bad that all this time he was in pain and the only way he could tell me was to misbehave. Thanks for providing such a great product. It is rare when you find something that actually works as claimed. I will be recommending your pad to anyone that will listen. By the way, the trainer and I did a little test with the pad. He put his hand inbetween it and I stood on it with heeled riding boots. I bounced up and down. My trainer felt no pain. He just felt slight pressure and I was digging my heel in as hard as I could!

Naomie Moe


I know you have many testimonials, but I wanted to add mine. In May I purchased an 18 year oid Thoroughbred who had been neglected so badly that I could count his ribs from across the paddock. The ridges aiong his spine wear very prominent. I came across your website as I was looking for a pad that wouid carry us through the transitions from undernourished to in-shape. I spoke with Mrs. Freeman and ordered the pad right away. I have to say, it has realty made riding a joy for him as well as me. He always tried very hard to do everything I asked him, but being so out of shape it was hard for him and he stumbled frequently. He always picked it back up and tried harder. Since riding with your pad, he has really improved his right lead. He was too weak on that side to use the correct lead before and he appears more comfortable under the saddle now. Those white marks on the sides of his withers have almost disappeared too! Thanks so much for helping me give this old boy a second shot at a happy, comfortable life. He's doing so well we’re thinking of showing in a few months!

Jessica Matthews


Hello! I just wanted to thank you again for your GREAT product! I love my SaddleRight pad! My mom has talked to you before about sponsoring me at the Josey Jr. World Championship barrel race. Due to many things, including my pad, I won 4th overall. I am very pleased with my horse's performance. Many people have come to my mother asking what has happened to my horse. She is working exceptional now. I have had a few friends call for more information as to how to order the pads and they have ordered them. Thank you again!