Western Saddle Pads

SaddleRight offers a wide variety of styles, colors and options. Every pad is made meticulously for each riders’ individual taste, and needs. Western pads come standard with a thickness of 5/8 inch.  A 3/4 inch option is also available with a legacy upgrade.

All Around

Western Square


Western Square All Around or Vegas $365

Grizzly Pad



Grizzly $480

All Around

Round Barrel


Round Barrel All Around or Vegas $365

All Around

Round Barrel XT2


All Around or Vegas at $365

Deluxe (Wear Leather)

Special Deluxe


Special Deluxe (Round or Square) $395

Drop Rig OS

Drop Rig OS/Treeless


Drop Rig OS/ Treeless $365

All Around



Endurance $365

DJS-Intimidator or F-Light

DJS - Intimidator or F-Light


All Around $365