Round Barrel

Round Barrel All Around or Vegas    $365

Deluxe (with Wear Leathers)    $395

Grizzly Leather Top with Wear Leathers    $480

Standard Size: 24" - 32" Front to Back

30" - 32" Drop

What a cutie! Great basic round pad perfect for those round shorter skirted saddles.  This pad works with most round skirted, treed type barrel saddles. Comes standard 29 back x30 drop. Get this one in the suede cover, wool felt-suede combo, or make a statement with a “Vegas” two-tone suede.

(See other options and upgrades)


*“Vegas” model option is a choice of two suede colors. Choose a body color, and contrasting trim color. Wear leathers are not available on this model. (See swatch samples). 

*“Legacy” upgrade adds an additional 1/8-inch core material to the bar area of the pad only. This brings the thickness of the pad from 5/8 to ¾ thickness in the bar area.  The weight bearing capacity of the pad changes from 300lbs to 600lbs load.

This is the most popular upgrade for horses with strenuous riding applications such as Roping, Ranching, extended hours of trail riding, etc.. It is also the best upgrade for horses with Atrophy, Kissing Spine, or mild drop of the back. This is a $30 upgrade and is available on all models excluding our English, and Race Pads. 

*When taking measurements, or ordering your pad, use the first number to indicate the back length (24-32). The second number is the “Drop” and indicates the width of the pad from side to side.

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  • Fuchsia with Black Floral

Product Features

SKU: 11

All Around - $365.00
All Around - $365.00
Deluxe (w/Wear Leather) - $395.00
Deluxe (w/Wear Leather) - $395.00
Vegas (Suede Trim) - $365.00
Vegas (Suede Trim) - $365.00
Legacy - Extra 1/8" Core - +$30.00