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Science-backed Custom Orthopedic Saddle Pads with a Lifetime Warranty that promote better health and performance for your horse.


Custom Orthopedic Saddle Pads

All pads are not created equal! Some pads just mask the problems, and increase poor confirmation issues without offering any real protection to your horse.

Western Saddle Pads


Western saddle pads come standard with a thickness of 5/8 inch.

English Saddle Pads


English saddle pads come standard in a 17-17.5 seat and 190lb rider.

Racing Saddle Pads


Racing saddle pads fit your jockey's saddle perfectly and weight in at just under 1 lb.

Wool Felt Liners


Wool Felt Liners are 1/8 inch thickness and are easy to care for.

In Memory of

Janette Freeman

It is with true sadness that I would like to inform you about the recent passing of Janette Freeman.  After a short illness and a subsequent fall in which she broke her hip, her condition worsened quickly, and she was moved to Hospice where she passed on 7/31/2022.  While I had only known Janette for a short 6 years, I feel like I got to know her well. She and her husband Mike built a great brand that was well loved by all our customers and dealer partners.

She was a dependable and trustworthy person, and I was very confident having her continue as General Manager of the shop when we purchased the business in 2016.  She treated all our employees and dealers well and was loved by both.  We will all miss her very much.

~ Sean Moriarty


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For the love of people and horses

Dr. Freeman spent a great deal of his life trying to relieve the physical pain that life can bring through his Chiropractic and Kinesiology practice.

Dr. Freeman holding pad
Dr. Freeman with Jockey
Western Saddle Pads Rider

Proven Orthopedic Protection Since 1984



With the Finest Natural Materials

Unique Core Material

Dissipates Heat and Pressure

"Lifetime Warranty"

Against Core Compression

Unique Design

Offers Wither, Spine and Lumbar Relief

Close Contact Design

Enjoy Less Bulk

Superior Quality

Better Protection and Performance

Satisfaction Guaranteed

30 Day Unconditional Guarantee Excluding Custom Embroidered and Custom Sized Pads

"Trade Back Policy"

Excluding Custom Embroidered and Custom Sized Pads

Customer Reviews


We put a lot of care and love into crafting our unique orthopedic saddle pads and have heard from thousands of our satisfied customers over the last 34 years, here are a few of our customers comments about their experience with our pads.  We’d love to add your name to the list.

Clay Reynolds

I love this pad!  I use to saddle as many horses as I had saddles for just so I wouldn't waste time in practice.  Now, I use this one SaddleRight pad on most every horse I ride.  I unsaddle and saddle 4-5 horses just so I ride the SaddleRight!  I love the thin, sleek design that allows it to adjust to any body type horse.  The cowhorses all the way to the rope horses use it.

Clay Reynolds

Teahna Anderson

My gelding has a shark fin for a wither and I really didn't like any pads I had used on him. I tried a SaddleRight and I knew I HAD to get one. The SaddleRight pad really frees up his shoulders and he use his full stride. I won't use anything else on him.

Teahna Anderson

Shylah Love

I started using SaddleRight over a year ago and they have exceeded my expectations. Not only do they fit all my horses great, but they’re also a game changer for a horse that is hard to fit for a saddle. One of my favorite things about these pads is how well they clean up. Every time I wash them, it’s like I have a brand new pad. I will forever be a SaddleRight user!

Shylah Love