Allie Davidson



My name is Allie Davidson. About a week ago I ordered a barrel racing pad and it came today. When I first took it out of the box and saw how thin it was, I said to myself that it would never work. My horse is too strangly built and the only way I was going to get a saddle to fit was to pile on pad after pad.

However, I knew that wasn’t a great solution. Before I ordered a Saddleright pad, I had read on various websites other barrel racing people raving about your pad, so I visited your website. Your pads were expensive, but I figured if you’re standing behind them with a money back guarantee, you must believe in them. I tried the pad on ray odd-backed horse. His withers are higher than his hip, so he’s built up hill. I was surprised that the saddle actually sat on his back without pinching the area behind his shoulder or the swell sitting on his withers. I figured that it wouldn’t fit so well once there was weight in the saddle. I mounted up and once again I was pleasantly surprised. The pad didn’t compress. And when I started working my horse, I couldn’t figure out if he

was being cooperative because the saddle was not pinching him or if we were

just having a good day. I worked him for a good hour and he stayed

unusually focused, quite a feat for a hypersensitive horse like mine.

So far I am impressed with the saddlepad. It fits and looks nice in the English Toast rust colored that I ordered. It’s so hard to believe that I may have found a solution to my horse’s problems. He usually goes everywhere prancing with his head up in the air. I really think it was because the saddle was pinching him because today he didn’t do that. Well, he did a little, but I think that was because he kept expecting to be hurt and pinched. I’m amazed at how willing he was to drop his head. I plan on working him fast on some patterns tomorrow. I’m crossing my finger that this pad is the answer. Thanks so much.