Allie Davidson and Bondolero


Hello again. I sent you some email awhile back about the pad I bought from you. I’d like you to know that this pad is nothing short of amazing. Before this pad, performing slow corkscrew circles was unheard of and now he does those relaxed and with his head down. Just this last weekend we entered a gymkhana, the first since I bought this pad. We won reserve high-point in our division, coming in either first or second in just about all our classes. It’s close to a miracle. My horse wasn’t misbehaving. He was hurting! A few short months ago I was ready to give up on this horse. I thought he was untrainable. Now we’re looking forward to a rewarding gymkhana season. I can’t stress enough to anyone reading this letter that THESE PADS ARE WORTH THEIR WEIGHT IN GOLD! Purchasing this pad was the best thing I’ve ever done for my horse.