Allie Davidson



Hello, this is day two and it just got better. I went out and worked Lero for another hour and a half. Today for the first time in years my horse slow loped in a circle on a loose rein with his head down. Usually our circles are a frantic controlled gallop with him trying to drop his inside shoulder and stick his nose to the outside. For the first time in years, I was able to lift his inside shoulder without him throwing up his head. We were also able to canter and trot nicely around the barrel. Even there he didn’t drop his shoulder. I think I’m convinced that his problems have really been related to pain from the saddle. He wasn’t being uncooperative. He was hurting! I’m just amazed that it would take something as simple as a good saddle pad. I have a gymkhana this weekend and I’m looking forward to seeing how we perform. It will be the first time since I received my Saddleright pad that I’ll have the saddle on his back for most of the day. You may use my letters on your testimony page. I want to be able to let riders know that these pads WORK! They are worth every penny.