Brenda Rettinger


My whole family loves Saddleright pads for every application where a horse and saddle are combined.  Below is my testimonial, along with some photos.  My daughter, Elli, was the Reserve National Champion Pole Bender at the NJHFR IN 2017 on a Saddleright pad (photo from the shortgo attached, this photo was also on the cover of the High School Rodeo Times last summer).

My name is Brenda Rettinger and I’ve been a fan of Saddleright pads for over 20 years.  I bought my first one used and loved it for its simplicity, shock absorption and durability.  My husband “stole” it one fall to use on his ranch horse for several long days of gathering cows in the rough county of the western North Dakota Badlands.  After three days of 10+hours in the saddle each day, he noticed his ranch horses weren’t flinching when he’d brush their backs to prepare for the next day.  He came home and asked what kind of pad he’d used.  I told him it was a Saddleright.  At the time, we were pretty broke, but he wanted me to order two of them for his ranch horses.  I signed up to be a dealer, and soon he had many of his rancher buddies outfitted with Saddlerights.

As the kids started riding and saddling their own horses, I really appreciated the bilateral design of the pad for new reasons.  There is no trick to providing wither relief, as the design allows no pressure over the withers, under the swells of the saddle.

Our whole family rodeos, rides and ranches with Saddleright pads!  We now have 8 of them, and two are 20+ years old and still as good as new!

We appreciate the long-lasting quality of the Saddleright pads.  So much so, that we did the math on those old pads and figured they had about 3600 days of use so far in their lives.  I don’t know if any other product that carries that type of value for the investment!  Thanks to Dr. Freeman and Janette for a truly superior design!

Brenda Rettinger