Saddle Pad



Your horse will appreciate a clean pad. Make use of these handy cleaning tips. Follow the cleaning and care instructions below or download printable care instructions.

Cleaning Instructions

Suede or Suede/Felt Pads

The suede or suede/felt SaddleRight pads are designed to be used with or without a liner. We suggest using our custom fitted wool felt liners under our pads. Allow the pad to dry inside outward after each use. Storing your pad inside outward in a hanging position in a ventilated location is recommended.

Cleaning Steps:

• At least once per month, brush the top side of the pad with a soft brush to remove dust and debris. Remove the hair from the underside of the pad with a medium to stiff textured brush or rubber curry. Avoid using metal serrated or wire type objects that can tear and weaken the felt lining. Vacuuming the pad is also a suggested step.
• You may use saddle soap or diluted Dawn dish soap and wet sponge to clean the cover and the underside of the pad. Rinse until water runs clean.
• Extremely dirty, sweaty pads may become very hard and stiff. This can be VERY uncomfortable and damaging to your horse’s health and performance. Lay the pad on a hard surface with the underside exposed. Using a hammer, pound the surface of all hard spots. This will break up the solid sweat and dirt. Use a power washer with a conventional nozzle or garden hose to rinse. Follow with a saddle soap or diluted Dawn dish soap and rinse until clear. (DO NOT POWER WASH AT CLOSE RANGE.)
• Line dry inside outward in a hanging position until dry. A leather balm or leather conditioner should be used on any leather surfaces.
• Drying time is subject to climate and can be hours to 1-3 days to dry.

Glove Leather Pads or Grizzly Pads

• Clean the cover using a leather cleaner or saddle soap. Follow with a quality leather conditioner. Avoid wax-based products. Clean the underside as directed above.

Custom Wool Liners

• Hand wash in cold water with a non-bleach soap or Dawn dish soap. Line dry.
• Liners can be washed in an agitator free washer. Line dry.
• The liners are made of wool and may be subject to shrinkage. They are made with a margin for the anticipated 1 inch shrinkage.

SaddleRight Lifetime Guarantee

We are the only manufacturer to offer a lifetime warranty against core compression.


The outer covering of all SaddleRight pads is your first assurance of quality. We hand select only the finest quality leathers, 100% wool materials and other fine quality materials for every pad we manufacture. These materials not only add beauty, but are necessary for the function of your pad.

When our unique orthopedic material is securely encased in our original cover (leather or wool), we guarantee that it will not compress or deform in any way for life.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

30 Day unconditional money back guarantee. Upon receipt of your originally purchased pad, we will refund your full saddle pad purchase price less a $30 restocking fee. Excluding custom embroidered pads.

1 Year Workmanship Warranty

1 year for workmanship on the covering. All return shipping charges will be paid by SaddleRight.

Trade Back Program

Our Trade Back Program offers an opportunity to always have the perfect pad – whether it is time for a new look or just time for a new pad.  Simply choose the style/color and other options of your new pad and pay 50% of the current retail price plus shipping.  Next, we will ship your new pad and when it arrives, just send your old pad back to us in the box provided.  Apply the prepaid return tag located in the box.  $60 return shipping is at the customer's expense.  Any SaddleRight pad, regardless of age or condition is eligible for the trade back program.  (This excludes pads that have been altered after its original sale or have custom embroidered.)  One pad only per trade transaction.  It’s that easy – really!