Carole Balcerek


Thank you so much for introducing me to your saddle pad. After using it for just a short time, I really could see a difference!!!! I was using the pad as a working pad, but after seeing what a difference it made in my 19 year old horse, I bought another one just to show with. I have not been happier! I was not able to ride for a couple of weeks, and someone else exercised her for me. They did not use our Saddleright pad. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! She started wringing her tail again. She was not happy about being brushed and did not even want to ride for any length of time. After using your pad again regularly, we are back to being happy campers. I said when I bought my first one, for the cost I was either doing one of the smartest things I have ever done or the dumbest. As I already stated, I bought a second one. Thank you again, for all your help.