Dale Humphrey


I accidently found your website via a connection on one of the horse websites. Wow! I am sure glad I did! Poor horses. So kind and trusting, enduring such pain. I have always thought that it must be uncomfortable for a horse to be ridden and now I know why. Your research has confirmed everything I have witnessed concerning performance and behavior in horses. I have made a commitment not to continue my 2 year old gelding’s training until I can afford to buy your pad. I don’t even have a saddle yet (been borrowing a friend’s), but instead of saving for a saddle, now I am saving for your pad. I REFUSE to ever mount a horse again without one. When I get one, I will take it with me everywhere I go and use it on any horse I ride – promoting your discovery! I have told several friends about your website and have our whole pony club (United States Pony Club) excited to try my pad when I get it. I bet they all buy one!