Ethel Cain



This letter is to express to you my great appreciation for your saddlepad. I had purchased a stitchdown orthoflex saddle. The pad that came with it rubbed my horses loins bare and gave him great discomfort. Unfortunately, this was the only pad they offered with that saddle. I had searched the net for saddle pads and thankfully came across your site. Your representative ,Jennette, was most helpful to me and we managed to design a saddlepad for this particular model of saddle. She was very patient with me, calling back several times about my questions. Within days the pad arrived. I was doubtful about all this pad claimed to do for my horse. In reality, it did everything your ad says it will do and more. My horse has completely changed his gait and he is so happy now to step out and also canter. Beau is 25 years old and such a willing horse with a big honest nature. It saddened me that I had made him so uncomfortable. Now he is pain free and moving with a purposeful step once again.

I help put on competitive trail rides in BCCTRA. In each ride package for the riders, I am going to place information on your pad and the internet site to go to for more information. I hope this is okay with you. My wish is that everyone’s horse can come to be as comfortable as my beloved Beau is now. Thank you for all of your research that led to the creation of this product. We who have experienced first hand the benefits of using a SaddleRight Pad cannot say thanks enough.