Saddle Right Benefits




Yes! Our pad’s open wither design protects the area, and allows for freedom of pressure.

We are the only pad with our unique Core material that not only protects the back, but allows it to rebuild muscle. We use only top of the line materials in the construction of our pads. Real Pressed Wool Felt, and top grain Leathers.  Our expert craftsmanship and consistency has been a hallmark of our pads for over 34 years.

Measure your saddle from the longest points along the topline. This will provide the first measurement. The “Drop” measurement is taken from the underside. Center of the saddle under seat, to edge of skirt under the leg. Multiply by 2.

We make a variety of pads to accommodate most every saddle made. All we need to know is measurements, type of saddle, application of riding, and a little info about your horse. We make all pads custom per each horse’s needs. Our SaddleRight Professionals are here to help you find the perfect pad.

Wear leathers are a matter of preference, and application for the use of the pad determines necessity. They do protect and enhance the area of the pad that gets the most wear and tear of use due to the stresses of the cinching process.

Yes! We make our pads in back lengths of 24”-32”. We also provide rounder skirted models for your short-backed friend.

No worries! We offer a 30-day unconditional return for refund (less shipping) or replace on all new pads.

We make models to accommodate dropped rigged saddles. We offer drops of 34” to 39”.

Our pads clean up easily using the few tips provided under the Caring for your Saddle Pad page.

You may use a liner, (which we sell) or a thin Navajo blanket if you’d like, to help keep your pad clean. Our Pads are designed to stand alone. They function best when applied as close as possible to the horse’s skin. Even in the toughest applications.

Our pad’s thinner design helps eliminate saddle roll. English pads are ½ thickness, western pads are 5/8 standard, and our Legacy is ¾.  A lot of protection with a lot less bulk.

This could be the last pad you will ever need to buy for your horse! Regular cleaning and care will extend the life of the pad greatly. Many of our pads are still in heavy use after 20 or so years. The Pad carries a “Lifetime Warranty” against Core Compression. And a one year on workmanship. The longevity of the pad is why it is so hard to find used pads!

NO! Shimming inhibits the regeneration of the muscles and nerves and can often increase the chances for damage to your horse. We want to protect the back from the stresses a saddle puts on the horse and encourage healthy function to return to the muscles.

Most Likely. Were as no pad will work on every horse, ours has a very high rate of success in overall fit across the majority of breeds and riding styles. Keep in mind that should you ever decide to change disciplines, upgrade, or just want a newer pad in a different color or style, we offer the only “Trade Back” program in the industry. (Please check out the tab for details on this unique program.)

1 Western Pad $32

Additional Pads $7 each

English Pad $20

Additional English Pad $7