Janet Nyreen



Hi I got the pad I ordered last week and have been using it all week. Tonight I cinched up my horse without him even noticing! I had cinched him so tight I went right past the holes I didnt mean too, but he usually is so cinchy I thought the cinch wasn’t tight yet. He never pinned his ears, nothing! This horse has been cinchy since day one. I was skeptical as to how the pad was going to work, but I was desperate to try anything. Boy am I glad I went ahead and got your pad!

The trainer was sceptical also but you have made a believer of him too. My horse is finally working like the horse I know and love. I wasn’t sure that the pad was responsible for the change until tonight when I cinched him up. When he didn’t even notice, then I knew that your pad was protecting his back. He is a happy horse and I’m a happy owner. The only regret I have is that I didn’t find your pad sooner. I feel bad that all this time he was in pain and the only way he could tell me was to misbehave. Thanks for providing such a great product. It is rare when you find something that actually works as claimed. I will be recommending your pad to anyone that will listen. By the way, the trainer and I did a little test with the pad. He put his hand inbetween it and I stood on it with heeled riding boots. I bounced up and down. My trainer felt no pain. He just felt slight pressure and I was digging my heel in as hard as I could!