I cannot tell you what a difference there has been in my little roan mare since I’ve started riding with this pad. Like I was telling you down in Reno, she always had dry spots after riding and I couldn’t keep my saddle in place. Well, a couple of other things were that she was falling out from under me all of the time, dropping her shoulder like she was trying to get away for the saddle. Kind of sounds strange, but she has completely stopped doing that and is really becoming a joy to ride again. I gave her a couple of weeks off after Reno and started back and it’s been great. I have our first winter rodeo this coming weekend.

I would love to buy another pad, but it will have to wait until next summer. Money gets a little tight during the winter, plus I’m still paying for RENO! ha ha ha

I’ll keep in touch and give you a jingle this next summer! Hope to see you at come races. I tend to go that direction a lot during the winter, because there is absolutely nothing going on here in the Lewiston valley. Thanks a lot!