Karen Wagner


I just wanted to say thank you for making such a great product! I have been using a SaddleRight pad for the last 16 years and I won’t use anything else. I have used it on all of my feedlot horses, competition horses, and everyday riding horses. What I like is that the horses do not get sore, nor does the pad rub off hair when the horse sweats. I haven’t had a horse with a sore back since I started using the SaddleRight pad. I am always getting asked what kind of pad I am using and I’m often asked where they can buy one. I have referred many people to your website. I’ll never go back to using any other kind of pad again. For anyone who does not believe that these could be so great, they really needs to try one and then look at a horse who spends 12 hours a day or more under saddle in working conditions. I think they would become believers!