Kathy Steward



I bought the Saddleright pad a few months ago when I realized that my saddle did not correctly fit my horse. I’ve had my saddle since 1990 and did not want, or could afford, to replace it. I tried numerous pads under my saddle to try and “make it fit”, which resulted in a very grumpy horse that was bucking after each fence. When I found the SaddleRight site, I was reluctant to spend the money on this pad. With the guarantee, I figured that it was worth a try. If it didn’t make a difference, I would return it immediately.

I took pictures of my horses back before I started to use the pad and it was obvious that he and the two indentations on either side of his wither. Since I’ve used the SaddleRight pad his entire confirmation has changed. Some of this could be because he is now 5 and has matured, but the difference is amazing. There is no more bucking when we jump and he is much happier to work. The two indentations on his back have gone away and he carries himself instead of collapsing under my saddle. I won’t be returning the pad.