Linda Currie



I had to write you a brief note. I’ve been using the SaddleRight pad since December 1998. I’ve had some interesting and unusual

saddle experiences that I’ll try to summarize so you can understand what this pad has done. I own a 12yr. TB/Trak mare with

conformational issues. She has a crooked left fore and her muscle at the shoulder is less developed. I’ve bought seven saddles in three years before finally finding a solution in a custom saddle from Michael Stokes of Centaur Saddlery. It was great, except for one

thing. After struggling to understand why performance would deteriorate after a couple months, doing a saddle adjustment only to experience the same result, we determined that after as few as five rides, the flocking in the saddle was noticeably altered, highly flattened on one side. Using a gel pad allowed me to extend the time before I’d have to have a reflock to two or three months. Reflocking a saddle this frequently is expensive and time intrusive. I sure can’t borrow a saddle with these kinds of problems! I bought a SaddleRight pad in November. I worked with the saddler to widen the head of the saddle. It was too tight. We flocked it very lightly so as to remain close to the horse. Well, it’s March and things are still great with no signs of deterioration in my saddle. Four months is

a record! I’ll keep you posted, but so far I can’t say enough. I really love this pad.