First of all, thank you Janette for sending me the white felt liner. It is working perfectly!

Below is my testimony of the SaddleRight pad that you can place on your website if you wish. It is rather long and you are welcome to edit it to make is shorter.

I will be sending this same testimony to Horse & Rider with some pictures of my horse saddled up with the pad. I will also try Western Horseman . I hope they will publish it. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. I’m not the best at writing, so any ideas you may have that may jazz up the story to make it more desirable to an editor would be appreciated.

My testimony speaks for itself, but just between you and I, I want to express a sincere, deep, heart-felt THANK YOU! It is amazing how much impact this saddle pad has on my life.

Dear SaddleRight, Inc.,

It all began over five years ago when, at age 35, my life-long dream of owing my own horse was about to come true. Realizing the novice that I was, I tried to educate myself as much as possible by reading, taking lessons, and making friends in the horse world. After the bam was built, I was ready and eager to start looking for my new equine friend. After a month or so of discouraging search efforts, I finally came upon a paint horse gelding that seemed a little stubborn, but seasoned and gentle enough. I took “Chabaca” home.