Marion Youngs



I want to let you know how impressed I am with your saddle pad. I think the quality is great and best of all it was approved by my horses. I have a 25 year old mare that I have owned for 15 years and she is a real fit problem. She was originally sold because they couldn’t do anything with her. She has always pinned her ears when being saddled and was always pinning them when you turned her at a trot or canter. She always hollowed her back and the only way you could get her comfortable was to ride bareback with a thick pad. I had a really good ride on her yesterday. She has quit pinning her ears and her gaits have gotten much better as she is hollowing her back much less and actually cantered properly and happily. I am going to ride her a lot more and watch to see if I can see the change in her muscling. I truly thank you for developing this pad. This mare has a lot of heart and has done a lot of competitive riding and has placed well. If I had this pad before I’m sure she would have been even better. I was always fighting to keep her sound, as she would sore up in the front tendons. I just use this mare for pleasure now and sure wish I had discovered this pad before. I do have a good fitting saddle, but I know you are right that no saddle fits right unless you have some way to keep the blood supply moving in the muscles.