Nancy Chamberlain


Just a note to tell you about our success with the Saddle Right pad. Two years ago, I bought my daughter a young horse to use in Fony Club. He was very green, but willing. After a few month of training, his personality began to change. He became less willing to move forward, was having trouble with lead changes, was bucking, and his ground manners became aggressive. Our trainer was baffled. Our vet felt it was strictly a behavioral issue. We laid the horse up for several months and pondered the problem. Finally, we consulted Dr. Bill Wood, a veterinary chiropractor, who was certain that the horse’s back was the problem. He recommended four things: a back adjustment, a strict exercise program to maintain his back alignment, a change in his shoeing, and the SaddleRight pad. We did them all, and shortly the horse was back in training with his performance and behavior much improved.

For the next year and a half, my daughter rode the horse in Pony Club and CDS dressage, qualifying for the California Jr Dressage championships and the Pony Club regional championships in dressage. They also started winning in combined training events. The horse turned out better than we had ever hoped. We used the SaddleRight pad faithfully, but were never sure if it was the real solution.

Then last week, for reasons unknown to myself, my daughter rode the horse in a Pony Club combined training rally without her SaddleRight pad. At Pony Club, the parents are not allowed in the stable area and must watch the proceedings from the grandstand. They had a mediocre dressage ride (the horse did not want to move forward) and had a refusal on the cross country (a very rare event for this horse). When I approached the horse after the competition, he pinned his ears at me, and acted very aggressively toward everyone who approached. His back was extremely tender to palpation. IN ONE DAY!

We have learned our lesson. The horse will never go out without his SaddleRight pad. Since the horse is only 7, and the girl is 13, I figure they may be able to cash in on your guarantee. However, the pad shows ABSOLUTELY no sign of wear or compression. It doesn’t even seem to get dirty! People think I’m crazy when I tell them I paid $200 for that little saddle pad, but without it, our horse would be dog food!

Thanks for a great product.