Nancy Fretheim


Well, it has been some time since I have been in touch. I, of course, still use your pads and still sing their praises. I have six of your pads, four western and two English. Three years ago we closed the boarding part of our ranch for many reasons. The new homes, the hassle of finding good ranch help, etc. I have been assisting Gene, who is now a pastor and prison chaplin, as well as traveling internationally as an evangelist. It is quite a change, but tremendously satisfying. I still have two horses and ride a lot. I am now getting back into doing a little brokering again. I just can’t seem to stay away from the fatal attraction I have for these creatures! Well, I just sold a lovely little horse to a really nice gal named Deborah Cohan and of course she is going to get an O.C. pad for it. She is going to order a circle Y flexible saddle. Should she contact you directly to work with you in getting a pad? I am still one of your BIGGEST fans and welcome you to refer anyone who wants to know more about your products to call me. Being one of the old timers (I’ve used the O.C. pads since 1987!) I have a lot of experiences with a lot of different horses and after all these years, I do not saddle a horse that I am going to ride without putting my O.C. pad on the animal. Hope all is well with you guys. Life is good here.