Naomie Moe



I know you have many testimonials, but I wanted to add mine. In May I purchased an 18 year oid Thoroughbred who had been neglected so badly that I could count his ribs from across the paddock. The ridges aiong his spine wear very prominent. I came across your website as I was looking for a pad that wouid carry us through the transitions from undernourished to in-shape. I spoke with Mrs. Freeman and ordered the pad right away. I have to say, it has realty made riding a joy for him as well as me. He always tried very hard to do everything I asked him, but being so out of shape it was hard for him and he stumbled frequently. He always picked it back up and tried harder. Since riding with your pad, he has really improved his right lead. He was too weak on that side to use the correct lead before and he appears more comfortable under the saddle now. Those white marks on the sides of his withers have almost disappeared too! Thanks so much for helping me give this old boy a second shot at a happy, comfortable life. He’s doing so well we’re thinking of showing in a few months!