Rebecca Wehmueller – Ace Moon Horsesmanship


Why do we choose SaddleRight pads over any other pad on the market? Well…..

Unsurpassed fit, quality, and comfort

Increased longevity over other pads

Thinner than other pads on the market, but just as protective as thick & stiff CSI (and the panels in a SR will not crack like CSI, or break down like Impact Gels do)

Completely independent sides of the pad move freely with each side of your horse. It is free in the withers, and at the back (SPH is only free at the withers)

LIFETIME trade in guarantee (as long as pad has not been purposely altered), have a 10 year old pad? Trade it in for a brand new one and only pay 50% of the new price.

They offer every size and shape you need, and even have a “Legacy” model that is thicker through the panels for horses with atrophy to their back, are older, go on very strenuous rides, heavy roping, long trails, etc. And also perfect for colts who are usually not as mature when you start them!

No I’m not a dealer, no I wasn’t paid to say this, and no they don’t sponsor us. Nor am I on their team yet. This is all HONESTY. And after trying all the other good pads out there, I thought I’d share my review so that more people confidently make the switch! (Plain felt pads like SPH and 5 star are still awesome, I just prefer more protection.) Can you see why we have 4 in our barn and will continue to buy from them??

Rebecca Wehmueller - Ace Moon Horsesmanship