Rhonda Cook


I just wanted you to know how much of a difference your pad has made on my horse. I have a 5 yr old Tenn. Walker and he has been having chiro adjustments for 2 years now. It seemed as though his wither was always out, which made him walk or gate with his neck/head alway leaning to the right. It looked like he was ready to go right, but was going straight. He was trying to take the pressure off of the left shoulder. He would not like to gait just canter. So I bought a SADDLERIGHT pad from a friend who guaranteed it to work. I had an adjustment done on “Trip” (always trips) and then started using the pad. Needless to say, after a vacation in the Shawnee Forest in Southern Illinois, Trip no longer trips or carries his head and neck to the right. It was interesting to watch the change. As soon as we would start our ride, he immediately put his neck in “the position”. And then after a short time, it was like, “oh my, I can keep my neck straight and it isn’t uncomfortable.” Each day the length of time between his taking the neck “position” and the letting go of the “position” was shorter and shorter. After the 5th day, he forgot all about the “position”. He also enjoys gaiting and no longer wants to canter. I am so satisfied that I am trying to get my fellow riders to go to the SADDLERIGHT pad. It is their loss if they choose not to. To have a happy horse is worth the money spent.