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All new to Riding Warehouse is the SaddleRight Saddle Pad! Don’t know anything about them? We got you covered. Below we get the inside scoop from RW customer, Katey, who has had this pad for over ten years. Plus, RW crew member, Katie, will give you all the details on why this pad stands out from the competition. Check it all out below!

Katey’s Inside Scoop

Meet RW customer and avid dressage rider, Katey Augsburger. Katey is a local Dressage Trainer and has been riding in the SaddleRight Saddle Pads for over ten years. Read on to get the inside scoop on why she loves these saddle pads and why they are absolutely worth every penny.

How did you first come across or hear of this brand?
“This brand was first recommended to me by an Equine Acupuncturist that I used for my horses. His experience was that any horse that went in these pads never had a sore back. I was intrigued, so I bought one.”

How has your experience been with the SaddleRight pads over the ten years that you’ve used them?
“I love my pads! The first one I got over ten years ago, I use it daily on a minimum of five horses and have never had any issues with it. It still looks new and works just as well as when I first got it!”

Why did you initially choose this brand?
“As a dressage rider and trainer, I am well aware of how hard we ask our horses to work. I have great saddles to ride in, but every horse’s back is a little different, and every horse doesn’t always have their own saddle. These pads are known for not allowing any sort of pinching or pressure points to affect the horse’s back and I wanted my horses to be as comfortable as possible.”

Have you noticed any differences from before using these saddle pads?
“The biggest thing I noticed since using these pads is the shock absorption in riding big moving horses. Sitting the trot is comfortable for both me and the horse and my saddles never shift or move. My horses never have sore backs and I have the chiropractor out significantly less to adjust my horses.”

Are there noticeable differences in the way you and your horses move?
“I notice a difference in the quality of my horse’s gaits and the comfort level of sitting the trot. The pad seems to absorb the concussion of both rider and movement. The fact that my horse’s backs aren’t ever sore, and I know my saddle will never pinch or dig into them makes me happy.”

How has the saddle pad affected your horses?
“They are happy and never sore in the back. I still have my saddles flocked yearly, but I know in between that they will be comfortable.”

How does this saddle pad differ from other saddle pads?
“I believe they are way more comfortable for the horse and rider and last for significantly longer than other orthopedic pads.”

Why is there a high price point on the saddle pads compared to others?
“The quality is key in the making of this pad and the fact you will have it forever.”

How is the overall quality and durability?
“Great! I have had mine for over ten years and have used it daily on multiple horses. It still looks new!

Are the saddle pads flexible or stiff? Do they conform?
“The pads are firmly flexible. They conform slightly to the horse’s back, but don’t allow for any pressure to come through the other side of the pad to the horse’s back.”

What is the best way to clean these saddle pads?
“I clean my pads with mild soap and water and give them plenty of time to dry. I also always have a thin cotton saddle pad between my SaddleRight pad and the horse.”

RW Crew Member Katie Dives Into the Details

Would you like to know why SaddleRight is a great investment? In this video, RW crew member, Katie, goes into the details of the SaddleRight saddle pad and how it can benefit your horse’s performance. This pad is designed with orthopedic protection to aid your horse’s back and is guaranteed to last a lifetime. These pads come in three different styles to accommodate the three disciplines of English, Western, and Endurance. Check out the video below to get the details on this saddle pad.