Cody Keller


Cody Keller

Cody Keller is an accomplished horseman, proven clinician, experienced trainer, and owner of Keller Horse Training. He values first and formost being a good husband, father, community role model and servant of the Lord. His combination of skill and humility make a highly sought after trainer. He focuses on being positive and building up those who lack confidence in their riding skills. He also encourages and challenges those who strive to ride better in their current state.

Cody supports his community by being involved with 4-H and working with troubled youth, using his experience in horsemanship. His goals include writing a book, performing training clinic's nationally, and creating training video's for people that want to improve their horsemanship.

What makes Cody stand out from other trainers? His intuitive and supportive approach with his participants. You'll find solid, challenging instruction but never humiliation or judgement. Cody leaves ego out of his training methods so you can focus on absorb instruction, feedback and recommendations.

Cody has created many excellent programs to build confidence between you and your horse. He's a proven clinician who focuses on bringing out the best between horse and rider, regardless of the participants riding level. Prepare to work hard and reap the benefits.