Jean Winters


Jean Winters

-Rookie of the Year 2009 Texas Circuit

- Freedom, OK Open Rodeo Champion 2007

-NFR 2013

-Calgary Champion 2013

-New Mexico State Fair champion Albuquerque 2011 -Tri-State Fair and Rodeo Amarilo, TX 2009

- 2x Champion Pretty Prairie, KS

- 2x Champion Coffeyville, KS

- 2x Champion Monte Vista, CO

- Money winner at Houston, Cheyenne, Cody, WY, and most major rodeos

When Crickets Peppy Zan, or "Zan", came into my life in the fall of 2006 I ran barrels but not seriously. I had a dream to run barrels and win but didn't feel like I had a horse to go on. God had better plans and the rest history. I can't say that I knew what I was doing, Zan was easy to train. I have no doubts that God heard my prayers early on in my life and brought Zan into my life for a reason.

Over the next few years many of my dreams have come true, due primarily to God and His goodness and a little sorrel firecracker of a horse named Zan.

I've had several different saddles and saddle pads over the years and while I liked them I found dry spots or felt like my horse wasn't moving quite as free as need be. I've had trouble with one horse in particular being bound up in her shoulders. No matter if I changed saddles or pads I never got the result I was looking for. I saw a marked difference in her movement after using the Saddle Right saddle pads so I tried it on my other horses as well. I ride a lot of different style of horses from short, wide calf roper types to tall, leggy, thoroughbred horses. I like that this pad helps my saddle fit them all. I don't get dry spots and I feel like it allows more freedom of movement.

Jean Winters