Stephanie Ogg



I just wanted to tell you how wonderfully impressed I am!! I have been looking at these pads for a long time and wishing I could try one. We just couldn’t swing it, and I knew that it would be a waste of money to try anything else. I found a lady that was selling one, because she had three pads and only two horses, so it was siting unused. She knew I wanted one, so I bought it from her. My very first reaction was how can something so thin help my horse? I saddled her up and away we went. This is a mare that has a hard time doing anything to the right. We contest and she picks up that right lead long enough to go around the firsst barrel and no more. She is also very adept at circling to the right on her left lead, no matter how small the circle. I knew she was hurting in her right shoulder, but we couldn’t pinpoint it. So after walking and warming up, I asked her to jog. She went willingly, but then she always has. After a few minutes, I asked her to extend her trot, and WOW!!! New horse!! Even strides, really stretching out and beautiful circles to the right. I asked her for a lope to the right and at first she was reluctant to try, but then she did and she actually held that lead for two full circles!!! We have never done that before!!! I am a believer and we have only used it one time!!! I can’t wait til we use it full time and she really shows improvement! I am recommending them to anyone who will listen and am going to keep at it until I get one for all my horses!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!