Steve Grandin


I just wanted to let you know that I am the proud owner of an American Paint Horse named Rooster (“Hesa Partee Rooster”). He is a trail horse – 5 years old strong, athletic, very level headed, handsome as all get out. He has virtually no withers. I was experiencing saddle roll and saddle sliding (forward on to his neck) and he was beginning to suffer from an underdeveloped right shoulder and exhibiting “burn” marks in his right shoulder and side. On top of that he was beginning to pin his ears and refuse the bit. My perfect, wonderful, well mannered, little guy suddenly became irascible and stubborn. One weekend using my new pad transformed him back in to the wonderful horse that I love. lt was exhibited by drastically reduced saddle roll, less slipping forward, and his eagerness to behave. I am a very hands on owner/rider, but I certainly don’t know everything. Being introduced to your pad has really made a difference! I am working his figure eights and trotting in 10 meter circles to help bring his shoulder back in line and it seems to be working at an almost miraculous rate. Thank you.