Susan Culligan


I thought you might like to hear my testimonial, only 2 weeks after receiving my new SaddleRight pad.

First off, let me say thank you for making the ordering process easy and informativ. I actually received my pad earlier than I had expected, so I was very happy right away. I ordered the hunter/jumper pad in burgundy suede with felt lining. The first thing I noticed was the quality of the pad. I can’t imagine how the “cover” of suede/felt could ever come undone or get damaged based on the way it is manufactured, so I look forward to a lifetime of usage. I was excited to get this pad on my horse’s back immediately. I have a 5 yo TB who was just started back into regular work when I bought him in March 1999. He was out to pasture for 6 months before that. Before then he was in training for 6 months. Since I purchased him, I have realized how important saddle fit is to optimal performance. The first saddle I used on him didn’t fit properly, so I had a professional saddle fitter come out and we chose something that we thought would work for him. I was amazed at the immediate difference in his stride when we put a comfortable saddle on his back, since I wasn’t sure that I would, or could, expect anything more or different with your pad. I was wrong. Since I have had him, my horse has been in various stages of discomfort. He had exhibiting his pain to me through bucking. Usually when he starts a bucking spell, I know he is in need of relief. I have spent lots of money on chiropractic, acupuncture, and equine massage for him, and it seems to help a lot, but only for 4-8 weeks. Then he is in need of “adjustments” again. After one of his last bucking spells, I was so disconcerted that I also contacted an animal communicator, Marta Williams, who reiterated his feelings of discomfort and suggested your saddle pad. I had stumbled across your website a few months ago, so I was familiar with it. I must say I didn’t believe that a saddle pad could make such a dramatic difference and I was reluctant to spend the money on your product. Marta informed me of your money-back guarantee, and told me the pad made a tremendous difference in the comfort of her horse. I decided I had nothing to lose, and potentially everything to gain, so I ordered the pad.

Well, this is definitely one of the best investments, if not the best, I have ever made for my horse. As I mentioned above, I purchased a saddle that was the best “fit” for him. After having experienced his tremendously free movement, I didn’t think that I could feel any greater degree of performance. What I was hoping for was consistency. I’d love for him to feel relaxed and comfortable all the time, not just after a massage or other treatment. At this point, two weeks after using the pad, he hasn’t been adjusted for 4 weeks. I thought this would be a great time to put your pad to the test, especially since ha has been “off” for a couple of weeks due to a change in his hoof angle, which has caused him to use his body a bit differently than he is used to. I rode him Saturday, Sunday, and Monday (trainer rode last week), and WOW!!! I thought he had a great trot before, but my goodness, he is really opening up his stride so much that I can barely keep up with him! I was yelling at the other people riding in the arena “look at him and this trot”. He uses his back so much more now and I have received many compliments such as, “Wow, he is looking really good”, “he looks so relaxed”, and “he looks so happy”. Since I have used this pad, he hasn’t bucked with me once. Now, if he never bucked again with me on his back, I would call this pad truly a miracle, but I don’t know if I can count on that, so I take that as a sign that he is comfortable.

The changes haven’t only been under-saddle, though. He is usually a very “girthy” horse, who could not even stand to be touched on his back. Once I cot out his tack, he would pin his ears. I can’t say that all of that behavior has completely disappeared, because I think a lot of it is new out of habit, but he is definitely improving. He will now stand for grooming and lets me brush and massage his back. I’m hoping the more I use this pad, the less his reaction will be.

Thank you for caring enough to make such a wonderful product! I have given your phone number to friends at the barn and they have been anxiously awaiting my feedback. I’m going to suggest they pick up the phone and order a pad for themselves!