Susan Tomasini


I have been using The Saddleright pads for my horses and my clients’ horses for the past 10 years. They do what you say they do. They move with the horses and allow for proper muscle development. While riding, you can see the independent movement of each side of the pad as the horse moves. No other pad I have used does that at all. There is not impediment for the horse to use each side as he needs. My horses always move better and don’t pin their ears when saddled. The horses more willingly lift their backs and move forward, engaging the hind quarters with ease, because their back and shoulders do not hurt. I could go on and on about how much I believe in these pads. What a joy to know I am doing the best by the comfort of the horse.

I am very involved with the new discipline of Cowboy Dressage. Most of my saddles are custom made. The Saddleright pad maximizes their efficiency to fit the horse and correct any uneven issues. As a rider, I can even feel the comfort and “life” in the pad as the horse moves under me.