The proof is in the SaddleRight pad!


Note from Yvonne South, SaddleRight Sales Manager

The goal for SaddleRight since it’s creation, in 1984 by Dr. Mike Freeman, has been to have our product assist our Equine partners with overall wellness and enhanced performance. Nothing can be better than seeing this happen!

While on my road trip in February, I was asked to take a look at a horse in Arizona. This horse had been dealing with and unexplainable front end lameness, as well as a significant deterioration of his back. I was able to visit with the attending veterinarian while I was at this location.

During my visit with owner, and Veterinarian, we discussed the saddle fit and their current pad use. I found that they were using a pad with a large built-in custom shim to try and alleviate the apparent bridging. It was my honest opinion that after seeing the pad we had found the cause of the back problem. (Shimming inhibits proper muscle function causing muscle atrophy.)

The owner had recently obtained a new saddle, but due to the drop and deterioration of the top line, the fit was still not optimal but much improved.

I put this horse into our Legacy model pad , the new saddle, and sent them out for a little ride. As the exercise progressed, the lameness started to dissipate, and the shoulder movement also became extended and relaxed. He was moving remarkably sound! I asked them to keep him in only that pad for the next 60 days to give the back muscles a chance to recover, repair and rebuild. We all agreed to follow his case and see where the pad would take him. 5 days after the fitting we got to see him return to competition ! It was very exciting! I have since received the following pictures and follow up to share! “Thank You” for putting your trust in our Pad!

K.B. Writes:

“Hi Yvonne! He is doing so well with the SaddleRight pad and the new saddle! His back has gained a significant amount of muscle tone in the last 6 weeks, he feels freer in the shoulders and can really extend, he carries himself in a more rounded frame and he grew a big bootie!! I have been taking pictures every week. Let me compile and label the pics and I will send them to you! I can’t thank you enough for your time and helping me to make my horse more comfortable. It has been amazing to watch the transformation in even a short period of time. The vet has already commented on how much of a difference he has seen. I am really excited to see the continued progression. Every week keeps getting better.”

The proof is in the SaddleRight pad!