Tina Love



Alright, I am no longer a sceptical person about your pads. When I first tried your pads on my dun horse, I had more problems. I called you guys and ya’II told me to think about trying another saddle, so I did. I went and had a saddle made just for him. They told me when they saw your pad that belongs to a friend of mine, that I should invest in one of your pads to use with the new saddle. I ordered one. But back to before I ordered your pad, I went back to trying my friends SaddleRight pad with the new saddle, and I will have to say that it was a big difference. He was so willing to stride out in a long trot and his stops were so much better. He was not bouncing to a stop. He is a barrel horse and his runs just keep improving. He is getting so much more responsive and quicker. I just want to say thanks. I can’t wait to try it on my mare, which is getting close to having her baby. The reason I had her bred was because I believe she was in pain some where, but the guys that built my new saddle said that I will probably notice a difference in her with the combination of the new saddle and SaddleRight pad. She quit rating her barrels, so I am really excited about trying the new pad on her. She is way to nice to make a broodmare. I will update you on that experience when it comes time, but for right now I am a totally satisfied customer.