Zoe Kharpertian



This afternoon I had a chance to canter my horse to the left for the first time since switching her to the Saddle Right Pad a few weeks ago. We have always had problems with her stiffening to the left, running through my aids, and bulging out. My trainer has had the same problem, so it’s not just my riding. I have noticed since using the SaddleRight pad she is softer to the left at the walk and trot, but tonight, when we cantered, I COULD NOT BELIEVE the change. She was soft, round, and I was able to practically let go of the inside rein and keep her on a soft steady contact on the outside. I can only put this down to the pad as nothing else has really changed. This is a problem I have been battling since I bought her three years ago. I am praying to find the same response tomorrow, as I can hardly believe she really has changed this much.